2024 Orlando Magic Daily Big Board Version 1.0: There's a Draft still?!

The Orlando Magic have been knee deep into the Playoffs this season, a nice change of pace for this team. But now that the season is over, everyone will have to focus on how to make this team better. That still includes the NBA Draft.
Devin Carter of Providence is one of the more intriguing young shooters in the Draft that could be available when the Orlando Magic pick.
Devin Carter of Providence is one of the more intriguing young shooters in the Draft that could be available when the Orlando Magic pick. / Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports
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Tier 5: The Realistic Targets—Wings and Guards

6-8, 205 lbs. Kyshawn George. player. . 834. Miami. Kyshawn George. . 17. Kyshawn George Big Board 05.10.24

A look at Kyshawn George's stat line in his lone year at Miami is not going to make anyone think he screams NBA prospect—9.0 points per game, 2.5 assists per game, 44.0/43.2/71.4 shooting splits in ACC play. But that is not the whole story with him.

George is one of the best shooters in this draft, shooting 40-plus percent on catch-and-shoot threes. He feels like the kind of player with his size who could slot in and play a clear role -- a role the Orlando Magic need, obviously. Or they could slow-play him and let him improve his playmaking and off-the-dribble attack in the G-League for a year.

At his size, the Magic could develop him similarly to Jett Howard (or perhaps they are too similar and Howard entered the league as a more accomplished shooter). George is still testing the waters and may return to Miami. But this is a player to watch for as a diamond in the rough.

6-3, 195 lbs. Devin Carter. player. 476. . Providence. Devin Carter Big Board 05.10.24. . Devin Carter. 18

The Orlando Magic's type are players who embrace defense as much as it is the physical tools that they like to hunt for in the Draft. They want players who will embrace the team's defensive mentality and identity.

Devin Carter is someone to keep an eye on then. He averaged 8.7 rebounds per game showing his willingness to get physical and play bigger than he is. Carter does a little bit of everything and seems perfect to fill in as a role player quickly.

The Big East Player of the Year can fill in offensively, averaging 19.7 points per game while shooting 37.7 percent from three. This year was his first year in his three years in college shooting better than 30 percent from three. He made 72.3 percent of his free throws. Shooting will remain an area he has to improve.

Still, Carter shot 39.3 percent on 7.0 attempts per game in Big East play. There is something there a team can continue to grow.

Tidjane Salaun Big Board 05.10.24. player. Tidjane Salaun. 19. Tidjane Salaun. 6-9, 203 lbs. Cholet (France). 38. .

We will get wingspans and measurements when the NBA Draft Combine begins this week in January. And we will parse out the players with the longest wingspans and raise them up this board. At this point, we have to mention Cholet youngster Tidjane Salaun.

Salaun is 6-foot-9 with a 7-foot-1 wingspan and he has already estalbished he is going to work to use that. In France, Salaun has made his name as an 18-year-old using his length to stonewall defenders in help side and be a presence in the paint. The idea of having him and Joanthan Isaac manning the forward spots off the bench would be scary for opponents.

Salaun can do a lot of simple things offensively. He cuts to the basket and can finish with athleticism.

His 3-point shooting came around this year—he shot 32.6 percent on threes this year. It is something he still has to add to the game. His skills with the ball are still incredibly raw.

But he checks a lot of boxes the Magic like.

Nikola Djurisic. player. 38. Nikola Djurisic. 20. . Mega Basket (Serbia). 6-7, 218 lbs. Nikola Djurisic Big Board 05.10.24.

The Orlando Magic have a reputation now for looking to put bigger players on the ball. They love players who have skill versatility. They want Paolo Banchero and Franz Wagner running point guard. And while they struggled to close the Cleveland Cavaliers without another ball-handler to set up their star players, size there is still something the Magic like.

Nikola Djurisic is that player who is an oversized point guard at 6-foot-7. He averaged 14.4 points per game and 3.4 assists per game this year for Mega. It was his second straight year averaging double figures for the club he has played with the last four years. That is a strong path of development.

Djurisic is still improving as a shooter. He had a strong close to the season. But he is still streaky from three. But a big ball-handling forward is right up the Magic's alley.