2024 Orlando Magic Daily Big Board Version 1.0: There's a Draft still?!

The Orlando Magic have been knee deep into the Playoffs this season, a nice change of pace for this team. But now that the season is over, everyone will have to focus on how to make this team better. That still includes the NBA Draft.
Devin Carter of Providence is one of the more intriguing young shooters in the Draft that could be available when the Orlando Magic pick.
Devin Carter of Providence is one of the more intriguing young shooters in the Draft that could be available when the Orlando Magic pick. / Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports
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Tier 4: Realistic Targets

6-4, 205 lbs. Isaiah Collier. . Scouting Report. USC. Isaiah Collier. Isaiah Collier Big Board 05.10.24. 13. player. 519

The Orlando Magic are probably looking for a more veteran point guard to lead the team. They drafted Anthony Black last year after all and should still be invested in his growth. So, point guards in this draft get knocked down a peg.

Isaiah Collier gets a pretty big hit on the Magic's board because he is not a good shooter. He averaged 16.9 points per game and 4.1 assists per game in Pac-12 play, but shot only 34.9 percent from three and 66.7 percent from the foul line. That suggests his shooting should be a major concern.

Still, Collier's size is going to be an attraction. The Magic love big guards and Collier, despite his poor free throw percentage, was a foul merchant at USC. He got to the line for 5.8 free throw attempts per game in conference play. That is a skill that typically translates.

And Collier should be able to use his size and strength well on defense at the next level.

. Ja'Kobe Walter. 460. JaKobe Walter Big Board 05.10.24. Ja'Kobe Walter. 14. . 6-5, 180 lbs. player. Baylor

Where the Orlando Magic are picking at No. 18, they are going to have to compromise some on what they are looking for. They are not going to find a perfect fit. And so as they pick, they either need to have a full development plan worked out or understand fully what role that player is going to play before their arrive.

Ja'Kobe Walter of Baylor will come in as a defensive ace. That is going to be what he brings early in his career. His offensive game is going to need to take some time to develop.

Walter averaged 13.8 points per game in Big 12 play on 33.5/29.1/80.0 shooting splits. Walter was the Big 12 Freshman of the Year nonetheless. A lot of that rests on his stellar defense.

Still, there are signs that he can be an improved offensive player. He had 28 points in his debut against Auburn and nine total games with 20 points or more. He struggled from three, but he can get hot and hit a bunch from deep.

. Tristan Da Silva. player. Colorado. Tristan Da Silva. 15. 514. Tristan Da Silva Big Board 05.10.24. . 6-9, 229 lbs

During the NCAA Tournament, no player probably helped himself more than Tristan Da Silva even though Colorado's NCAA Tournament run was brief. Florida Gators fans probably had nightmares about him after he scored 17 points and dished out five assists in that track meet in the first round.

At 6-foot-9, he was an undersized center. But he quickly gained some looks as a playmaker at the position. He was good at screening, could step out and hit from the outside and find teammates from the high post. Da Silva's versatility at his size are going to find a home somewhere in a league that loves skilled players.

A lot of Tristan Da Silva's skills were likely hidden playing alongside a bigger name in Cody Williams. But it may just be that Da Silva's skill set works better at the NBA level.

The Orlando Magic are a team that loves versatile players like Da Silva. But they are probably looking more for rim protection if they were to draft a center.

Johnny Furphy Big Board 05.10.24. Kansas. 462. Johnny Furphy. 16. player. . 6-9, 202 lbs. Johnny Furphy.

Johnny Furphy is still defining his skill set and the things he can do. But there is no doubt, he is the kind of player the Orlando Magic love. He is long and willing to defend on the wing. He is athletic and able to run the floor and finish near the rim. His ability to defend multiple positions and fit in anywhere on the floor fits in.

It would not at all be surprising if Furphy is the guy the Magic look at when their turn comes up at No. 18.

Furphy averaged 11.4 points per game and 6.1 rebounds per game in Big 12 play. He shot 49.6 percent from the floor and 36.5 percent from beyond the arc. Rounding out his shooting will be the biggest thing for him entering the NBA.

But Furphy's athleticism and ability to play in the open floor and put pressure on defenses at his size screams the kind of skill set the Magic look for.