5 under-the-radar trade targets for the Orlando Magic

The Orlando Magic are a team that will be looking to add to their roster at this year's trade deadline. There are some obvious candidates they could hunt. And then there are players perhaps flying under the radar.
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5 Under-The-Radar trade targets for the Orlando Magic

Alex Caruso, Chicago Bulls

Alex Caruso is much less of a gamble and can instantly make an impact on the defensive end, in addition to providing some of the leadership, playoff experience and shooting the Orlando Magic desperately need.

Not to mention, a backcourt of Alex Caruso and Jalen Suggs locking down teams on the perimeter would be almost impossible to deal with instantly and for years to come.

Knowing that Caruso is coming off of his first-ever All-NBA Defensive first-team selection in 2023 and enjoys playing on the defensive end of the floor is enough for Orlando's front office, in theory, to be drooling at the prospect of Chicago entering a full-on rebuild.

Caruso is having a solid season, averaging a career-high 10.1 points per game. He has also steadily improved from beyond the arc, going from 33.3 percent in 2022 to 36.4 percent last year to 40.9 percent this year.

Coaches would lose sleep the night before playing the Magic and playing a backcourt featuring players with the grit on defense that Suggs and Caruso have would be a real live nightmare and downright scary.

There is a reason why Caruso might be the most sought-after role player on the trade market. There are going to be a lot of title-contending teams chasing him.

That is why Chicago's asking price may be too steep for Orlando, considering it is widely reported that multiple first-round picks would be the starting point in any negotiations.

Orlando would also need to add a player to the trade to match Caruso's $9.5 million salary.

Would they want a deal framed around Chuma Okeke or Gary Harris and draft capital for Alex Caruso? The fit on both ends of the floor is undeniable, and Orlando has the ammunition to facilitate a trade if Chicago decides to pick up the call.