5 under-the-radar trade targets for the Orlando Magic

The Orlando Magic are a team that will be looking to add to their roster at this year's trade deadline. There are some obvious candidates they could hunt. And then there are players perhaps flying under the radar.
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5 Under-The-Radar trade targets for the Orlando Magic

Luke Kennard, Memphis Grizzlies

Luke Kennard's strength is not on the defensive end, and you may be able to find other guys who have similar strengths at a lower contract price. But he is THE definition of a pure shooter.

Kennard has shot better than 40 percent from beyond the 3-point line for seven of his nine years in the NBA. The two years Kennard shot less than 40 percent were the 2019 and 2020 seasons, where he shot 39.9 and 39.4 percent, respectively.

This season, Kennard is shooting 43.2 percent from 3 on fewer than six attempts per game. Kennard could be the antidote for the sickly 3 point shooting attack Orlando has had throughout the year.

There have not been many reports about a potential trade market for Kennard, other than that multiple teams are monitoring his situation.

Memphis will not enter any rebuild with Ja Morant on their roster, but they may be looking to make some adjustments in preparation for Morant's return -- they already dealt Steven Adams.

Kennard is owed $14.8 million this year and next, and Memphis will be looking at least for a rotation piece in exchange for Kennard.

A Gary Harris-for-Luke Kennard swap could make some sense here for Memphis. In addition, if Memphis opts to move on from Marcus Smart, they would need backcourt help, which may generate some interest from Memphis in Markelle Fultz. Orlando also has a treasure chest of second-round picks they can add to sweeten any deal.