5 under-the-radar trade targets for the Orlando Magic

The Orlando Magic are a team that will be looking to add to their roster at this year's trade deadline. There are some obvious candidates they could hunt. And then there are players perhaps flying under the radar.
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5 Under-The-Radar trade targets for the Orlando Magic

Quentin Grimes, New York Knicks

Quentin Grimes' availability on the market has been widely reported, and he may be just the type of player the Orlando Magic need.

Grimes has seen a slight regression and is shooting 36.3 percent from three on 4.7 attempts per game. He plays a little more than 20 minutes per game for the Knicks, averaging 7.3 points per game (down from the 11.0 he scored last year in 29.9 minutes per game).

Perhaps his shooting is why his minutes have begun to slip. But Grimes is not getting much opportunity in New York right now.

But he is just 23 years old and is still dripping with potential.

Grimes has the potential to be a legitimate knockdown 3-point shooter who can play without the ball in his hands for this core for years to come. Orlando has many players with the ability to drive and dish but is missing players with the shooting prowess that will make defenders think twice about doubling cutters and slashers.

Grimes can be exactly that.

Grimes is also an excellent defender, and Orlando should not be worried about him not fitting into the defense-first culture the team is trying to build. The Knicks have a 108.6 defensive rating with Grimes on the floor (the team's overall rating is at 111.8). He also averages nearly a steal per game in his limited minutes.

Ian Begley of SNY reports that New York is seeking a ball handler for their bench unit in return for Grimes.

It may be tough to match salaries to make a deal work here, considering Grimes is currently making $2.9 million. That means the Magic are likely offering players on the back end of their roster, such as Caleb Houstan or even Chuma Okeke. The Magic might have to agree to take on some bad salaries to get up to someone bigger.

Even with those hurdles, it is definitely worth making a call about.