Speedy Player Progress Reports for the 2024 Orlando Magic

It has been a great season that sees the Orlando Magic back in the Playoffs. How did the season go in a nutshell for each Orlando Magic player?
Orlando Magic v Toronto Raptors
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Quick Progress Reports for the 2024 Orlando Magic

Jalen Suggs

This season, Jalen Suggs became one of the best 3-and-D guards in the NBA. His ability to shoot creates space for Paolo Banchero and Franz Wagner to operate. Suggs jumped almost a full eight percentage points this season from three and ended the regular season at a 39.9-percent clip. There were 25 games in which Suggs converted on three or more three-point attempts.

Suggs creates his impact on defense with all-out hustle. His 2.5 deflections and 0.8 loose balls recovered per game led the Magic this year and he is going to be very exciting to watch in the playoffs.

Jonathan Isaac

Jonathan Isaac played in 57 games this year -- the most for him since the 2019 season.

Isaac is the ultimate X-factor for the Magic. Within six feet of the rim, his matchup shot 15.5 percentage points worse than their average during the season. Isaac led the Magic in defensive rating at 102.4 points allowed per 100 possessions and net rating at +10.6 points per 100 possessions, in addition to leading the team with a +/- of 3.0 points per game to end the season.

Simply put, his impact is massive and he had a great, healthy regular season.

Moe Wagner

Moe Wagner played in 79 games for Orlando and was consistent throughout the year scoring 15 or more points in 20 games this season.

He developed chemistry with ball handlers up and down Orlando's roster as the roll man in the pick-and-roll. Wagner was a constant threat around the basket and was a constant thorn in everyone's side as someone who put pressure on the rim and took charges. Wagner owned the paint.

Wagner is extremely skilled around the rim, leading the team with a 73.7 field goal percentage in the restricted area, in addition to taking 24 charges which ranked third in the NBA.

Gary Harris

Garry Harris only played in 54 games this year but the Orlando Magic were significantly better with Harris in the rotation. Orlando was 35-19 when he played and 19-8 when he starts.

At 37.1 percent shooting from deep, he is a respectable shooter that defenders cannot leave on an island. That opens the paint for others to drive to the rim. His biggest issue is a lack of volume on those shots, making his misses feel bigger.