5 Orlando Magic players at risk of being traded this summer

The Orlando Magic will be looking to build off of a playoff berth this season with a young roster. The team will look to upgrade their team with any means necessary which could result in making an offseason trade and some tough decisions on key players.

Orlando Magic v New York Knicks
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The Orlando Magic have a roster loaded with young talent. They have four expiring contracts, but the majority of the roster is under contract for next season and still in the early stage of their career.

Despite being a top-five seed in the Eastern Conference, there are glaring holes the team needs to address to take the next step as a group. While being one of the top defensive teams, they could use some help rebounding, passing, limiting turnovers and, most importantly, scoring.

Orlando has had a dream season in a lot of ways. But the team knows this is not the end of its journey, but rather the beginning.

The Magic can target ball handlers in the offseason as the team creates the third-lowest assist total in the NBA while committing the sixth-most turnovers per game. They also could use scorers as the team makes the league's third fewest field goals and the fewest threes made per contest.

Players who can play up-tempo, create for their teammates and shoot from distance should be the team's primary target.

Orlando knows its competitive window is starting to open. And the team has money to spend on the free agent market.

But the team should leave nothing on the table when looking to upgrade their roster.

One avenue the Magic can explore is trading some of their existing players. The team has most of its rotation already in place, but it can look to upgrade at some positions.

The Magic also tout a bench of young, inexperienced players. The team knows they need playing time to develop their game and find their niche in the NBA. But the team is also now competing for home-court advantage in the Eastern Conference and will be expected to do so for the foreseeable future.

If Orlando feels it can trade younger players who are having difficulty finding consistent playing time, there might be offers to swap for more dependable veterans.

The Magic are going to have to evaluate their roster as much as they look outside the roster to improve the team.

There are a lot of difficult things to balance between players who are ready or can grow into playoff contributors and areas the Magic need short-term reinforcement to build off this season.

There is not a lot of cap space this upcoming summer. Other teams will look to explore trading expensive veterans for cap relief. The Magic can be one of the few teams that can absorb a larger contract and trade quality players in return.