Orlando Magic offseason improvements will start with their own free agents

The Orlando Magic are finishing the season with the same group that started the year. They likely will not start next year with the same roster. And their decisions on how to evolve and grow will start with their own free agents.

Orlando Magic v Chicago Bulls
Orlando Magic v Chicago Bulls / Michael Reaves/GettyImages
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The Orlando Magic decided to stay with their current roster during the NBA trade deadline. This was the first time in the last four years of Jeff Weltman’s tenure as president of basketball operations he decided not to make a deal. He has always valued the continuity of the roster. The group he put together is on track to make the postseason.

This leads to an exciting summer where the team will have the third most cap space to expand and grow the roster.

It is not clear what the Magic will do. The NBA is unpredictable, to say the least.

But everything starts with the team's own free agents. And the magic will have four players to consider before they begin to look outward to add to the current core.

Orlando is close to making an “all-in” move with two young superstars Paolo Banchero and Franz Wagner. The roster is young and hungry to compete at the highest level. Now the team can bring in complementary players to aid in their development toward the ultimate goal of a championship.

It starts with deciding what to do with the team's current free agents. The Magic will have to decide which players they must retain and how much they are worth and whether they can afford to let others walk without regaining any value.