3 Potential trade packages for the Orlando Magic’s number 18 draft pick

The Magic have the 18th pick in this year’s upcoming draft, and for the first time in years it is actually in their best interest to trade out. Let’s see who their best options may be.
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Trade target #2: Cam Thomas

The goal for the Magic this offseason is, without a doubt, to bring in a point guard who can shoot and allow Suggs to play the shooting guard. However, with limited options and trade pieces, Cam Thomas could be an alternate route that still provides the Magic with most of what they are looking for. Thomas is an efficient shooter who could be an elite third option in the NBA if traded to the Magic.

With the Nets having a disappointing season and not having any draft picks to try to build on their extremely mediocre team, they could be looking to start over their rebuild. The Nets do not seem like they are an appealing free agency option, so they could take advantage of getting younger and gaining draft picks in this deal.

My proposed deal is the Magic receive Cam Thomas, and the Nets receive Anthony Black, the 18th pick, and the 47th pick.

The Nets get a young point guard that their bridge point guard Dennis Schroder can mentor, and also gain some draft capital that they do not currently have. Meanwhile, the Magic get an explosive new piece that could bring their offense to a whole new level. The Magic would have to be content with Suggs continuing to be the point guard and initiating the offense, but the risk might be worth it with Thomas' skill set.

Thomas averaged 22.5 points per game, 2.9 assists, and 3.2 rebounds on 44.2 percent shooting from the field and 36.4 shooting from three. Thomas is an elite three-level scorer, but one-dimensional in the way that he is really only a scorer. To most teams, that would be a negative, but to a team that has been a bottom offense for the past few years, this is magic (no pun intended) to their ears.

Over 66 gamesThomas had 15 games with 30-plus points, including four 40-point games. He also had 25 games with at least 3 three-pointers made, including multiple games with 5 threes and a game with 6. Although he might only be a scorer, he excels at it and is able to put up thirty points on any night, which is exactly what the Magic could use.

It is not only how many points he gets, but the fashion that he scores in. It is nearly impossible to guard Thomas one-on-one. Thomas has an elite stepback, is one of the best at creating his own shot, and can shoot the three and the midrange at a high level while also being able to get to the bucket. He can just about do it all with the ball in his hands.

The only thing he needs to work on is moving the ball to his teammates when he has it. Although he is not a natural playmaker, he still had 14 games with 5 or more assists. When Thomas gets it going he can suck in a defense and even draw a double sometimes. If he can learn to move the ball more consistently, he will be the full package on offense.

On the other end of the floor, Thomas is another below-average defender. However, he more than makes up for it with his offensive abilities. Although he is not the best defender, he still gives effort on the defensive end, and playing with the Magic would lessen his offensive load and allow him to focus more on defense than he has in the past. Thomas’ offensive upside makes it completely worth it for him to be on the floor, and the Magic need another offensive talent in their starting lineup more than they need more defense.

Thomas is not exactly what the Magic are looking for, but he might be exactly what they need. The Magic have created an elite defensive identity, so bringing in an elite scorer would balance out the roster a lot better. If the Nets do decide to restart the rebuild, the Magic should immediately make a call about Thomas.