3 Potential trade packages for the Orlando Magic’s number 18 draft pick

The Magic have the 18th pick in this year’s upcoming draft, and for the first time in years it is actually in their best interest to trade out. Let’s see who their best options may be.
Orlando Magic v Portland Trail Blazers
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Trade target #3: Malcolm Brogdon

The Magic need a point guard, who can run the offense, shoot the three ball, and create their own shot. They get all that, plus an established veteran who has been in multiple deep playoff runs with Malcolm Brogdon. Brogdon has shown that he is still an elite scorer and shooter while also being able to command an offense.

Brogdon, who is 31, is on an expiring deal, and it does not look like the Blazers will end up resigning him. He is older and does not fit the trend of their rebuild. Instead of letting him walk for free, they could get some draft capital in return and not make the Jrue Holiday trade look like a scam.

My proposed trade would be the Magic receive Malcolm Brogdon, and the Blazers get Caleb Houstan and the 18th pick.

With Brogdon, the Magic get everything they are looking for in a point guard at one of the cheaper prices. Brogdon averaged 15.7 points per game, 5.5 assists, and 3.8 rebounds on 44 percent shooting from the field and 41.2 percent from three, making over two a game. He is one of the more consistent three-point shooters in the league.

Brogdon played in 39 games and had at least three made threes in 13 of them. He could play a big part in addressing the Magic's shooting woes and give them another behind-the-arc threat for when their shooting gets stagnant, as it often does. Brogdon can answer their three-point shooting prayers as well as contribute from inside the arc.

As seen in the playoffs, when Franz Wagner is inconsistent and Paolo Banchero is drawing double teams, it is nearly impossible for the Magic to generate offense. Jalen Suggs does his best to pick the slack up, but it is just not enough. Having a lethal scorer at the point guard spot to help them out as a third option would be a vital pick up for the Magic to make a playoff run.

Brogdon is an elite shot-creator and an extremely efficient scorer. He does not demand the ball and can work off the ball, but he also can put his head down and get a bucket when his number is called. He scored at least 20 points in 11 games this year, including a 30-point game against the Pacers. This was all on the Blazers where he was a main focal point of the offense. Next to Wagner and Banchero, he would have the most help he's had since he was Sixth Man of the Year in Boston.

Being next to Wagner and Banchero would help his offense, but he also needs to return the favor by moving the ball to his All-Star caliber teammates. This is no problem for Brogdon. He had 21 games with 6 or more assists, including four double-doubles and a season-high of 12. Brogdon's scoring ability creates opportunities to make plays for his teammates, and he always takes advantage.

On the other end of the court, Brogdon had a down season, but being surrounded by other elite defenders would allow him to get help on that end. The Magic proved that their defense is elite this past season. They need more scorers and ways to generate offense, so they can afford to have another offensive-minded player.

Brogdon dealt with injuries this past season but showed that when he is on the court he is still a really productive point guard. With a full offseason ahead of him, he should be good to go for the start of next season. Brogdon could be the missing offensive piece that brings Orlando back to the finals.