3 Potential trade packages for the Orlando Magic’s number 18 draft pick

The Magic have the 18th pick in this year’s upcoming draft, and for the first time in years it is actually in their best interest to trade out. Let’s see who their best options may be.
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Trade target #1: Terry Rozier

The best trade partner the Magic can go to with the 18th pick is none other than their in-state rival: the Miami Heat. Rozier is the best option for the Magic, which checks all of their boxes while also being realistic. Rozier is a veteran guard who can shoot, facilitate, and play a little bit of defense.

The Heat are in a tough situation where they are only getting older, and they are paying a lot of people a lot of money. After losing in the first round and some tension between star forward Jimmy Butler and executive Pat Riley, they may be thinking about going in a new direction this upcoming season. Rozier is set to make over 24 million dollars, and he only played 30 games with the Heat, so they would not really have to adjust to losing him.

My proposed trade is the Magic receive Terry Rozier, and the Heat receive Anthony Black, Jett Howard, and the 18th pick.

The Magic get their point guard for the future under wraps, and the Heat get more three-point shooting, a young point guard that fits the Heat culture with his defense and athleticism, and a first-rounder. This would put Rozier in a position to finish out his prime in Orlando and dedicate his best years to bringing the Magic a ring.

Rozier averaged 19.8 points per game, 5.6 assists, and 4 rebounds per game on 44.3 percent shooting from the field and 36.3 percent from three. These are very good stats from a starting point guard, and the crazy thing is that Rozier actually had a down year. The Hornets had a lot of problems and they struggled to mesh, and then once he was traded to Miami he spent the rest of the season learning how he fits with the Heat.

Although he would definitely have a grace period where he would have to build chemistry with the Magic, once he gets settled into a new home and a new offense he can be an elite point guard all around. Offensively, Rozier is everything the Magic need in a point guard. He is another three-level scorer who can facilitate at an efficient rate.

Rozier had thirteen 25-plus-point games along with multiple thirty-point games and a game with 42 points. He also had 24 games with at least three three-pointers made, including multiple games with eight made three-pointers. Rozier is another player who makes a lot of tough buckets off the dribble through stepbacks and getting to the paint.

Rozier is also a natural playmaker. He had 31 games with at least 6 assists and 5 games with double-digit assists. Rozier has a knack for creating for others, and his three-level scoring ability definitely helps open up the floor for him and whatever team he is on. Rozier has proven that he can run an offense on three different teams already.

Defensively, Rozier had a down season, but he showed early in his career that with the right help and the right system, he can be a really good defender. Rozier is definitely the best defender out of the three options and he can compete with any point guard in the league. He held Trae Young to 3-10 shooting, Tyrese Maxey to 7-18 shooting, and De'Aaron Fox to 5-13 shooting during the regular season.

Rozier is an all-around point guard who can provide the Magic with everything they are missing at the position. If the Heat are looking to get younger, the Magic can help them with that while getting an elite scorer and facilitator out of it. Terry Rozier in a Magic jersey should be the sight every Magic fan dreams of seeing come next October.

For the first time in years, the Magic need to get win-now players, and they no longer need to waste years on developing talent. The Magic do not need to waste their pick on more talent that needs developing, and need to use their assets to their advantage instead. The Magic could use their draft capital that they no longer need to get them their future point guard.

If the Magic can get a point guard who can shoot and facilitate, they might find the missing piece to a championship run. The Magic have developed a strong defensive identity and just need to find some offensive production to really be a threat in the East.

Brogdon, Thomas, and Rozier all provide that in their own ways. Any of these players could bring the Magic's offense to the top of the league. An established scoring guard alongside a defensive mastermind in Jalen Suggs and two All-star caliber players in Franz Wagner and Paolo Banchero could be a starting lineup that no one wants to face.

After watching them take the Cavs to seven games, no team wants to see what the young Magic look like with another 15-20 point per game scorer. Draft time is coming, and this year it's exciting for a whole new reason. Magic fans should be excited to see a new point guard at the helm of the roster.