12 2024 free agents the Orlando Magic should already be eyeing

The Orlando Magic will have ample cap space this summer to capitalize on an already successful season. Orlando will look to complement their core roster with additions that aim toward contention in the Eastern Conference.
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12 2024 free agents the Orlando Magic should already be eyeing

Jrue Holiday, Boston Celtics

Jrue Holiday is the perfect fit for this starting unit. The Orlando Magic have struggled with offensive consistency and are in need of a third ball handler and organizer.

Holiday can be just that and more while giving the team some needed championship-level experience to elevate the team.

He has embraced his role as the fourth scorer in the starting unit for an elite Boston Celtics team with two forward stars similar to the duo in Orlando.

Holiday can space the floor and knock down open shots -- hitting 44.5 percent of his threes this season for the Celtics. But he can also attack the paint and find open teammates for easy points.

Holiday thrived playing as the tertiary scorer in Milwaukee the three seasons prior and won a ring with the Milwaukee Bucks. He is shooting 44.5 percent from three this season and shot 39.5 percent in his three seasons in Milwaukee. He can distribute the ball well too when called upon to be a facilitator. He has a career average of 6.4 assists per game.

There is an argument that Holiday is the best perimeter defender in the NBA and would add to a top-five Magic defense. He has been in the top eight in Defensive Player of the Year voting in the last three seasons while making three first-team all-defensive teams.

It seems too good to be true to pair him with Jalen Suggs, who is projected to be a defensive specialist throughout his career. We will see if he is able to hit the open market.

He has a player option for next season and Boston has been outspoken about the intention to sign him to an extension. But if they cannot agree to a long-term deal and the Celtics struggle in the playoffs, Holiday could look to decline his player option in search for guaranteed long-term money.

Boston does not have the cap space Orlando does (although Boston holds Holiday's Bird Rights to go over the cap and sign him). Nobody knows what Boston's appetite is to avoid the punitive second tax apron.

The Magic could convince Holiday to play in Central Florida for more money and an up-and-coming team. He would have more of a role as a scorer like he has throughout his career and would significantly upgrade the Magic's starting unit. It would be a match made in heaven.