Episode 24: Dig N Shot 2013 Playoffs Recap of First Round Part II

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Indiana Pacers vs. Atlanta Hawks

Story: The Underrated Pacers Backcourt and Roy Hibbert

Dig cites the guard play of the Indiana Pacers as the deciding factor in this series. He illustrates that in the games in which the Pacers backcourt has played well, they’ve won. Controlling Jeff Teague and Devin Harris in this series is crucial, but a lot of people are sleeping on George Hill and Lance Stephenson. Shot claims Stephenson is a poor man’s Wade, but also says there is really no above average offensive players in Indy outside of Paul George and possibly David West.

Roy Hibbert is cited as a key to the Pacers success, but Dig says Hibbert is not and never will be a max-contract player. That’s been supported by his play, but if this Pacers team is to maximize its potential, it will be because the 7’2″ Georgetown product has reached something close to his potential, or at least what the Pacers thought it was when they extended the max deal last summer.