Episode 24: Dig N Shot 2013 Playoffs Recap of First Round Part II

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Starting with Dig’s Bulls:

Chicago Bulls vs. Brooklyn Nets

Story:  The Brilliance of Nate Robinson

Can Nate Robinson start? Should he?

Dig cites a poor shot selection, bad decisions and inconsistent play as reasons why Robinson really shouldn’t start. Wilcox disagrees, citing the fact that few players can score like Robinson and you simply “have to take the good with the bad.”

Shot reaches a middle ground: Robinson is a good sixth man, a Jamal Crawford type. Robinson is the kind of guy who can impact a team in a lot of ways, but when it really comes down to it Wilcox believes that Robinson has been doing this awhile and the fact that he’s been doing it as a third stringer is unfathomable. “I don’t understand how he’s not a starting point guard somewhere.”

Neither do I.

Dig just feels he doesn’t have what it takes to lead a team due mostly to those turnovers, but also the poor defense on a Tom Thibodeau led team. And thats what we’ve gathered from the Bulls- Hawks series, aside from the fact that the Bulls really seem to lack the offense to dispose of the Hawks as we assumed they would.

Drawing conclusions on whether this Bulls team can be taken seriously without Derrick Rose is unclear, but the situation is evaluate on its own merits. Wilcox cites that lack of offense as the reason the Bulls would essentially be no better than the Bucks without Robinson’s game changing, spark-like impact off the bench.