Episode 24: Dig N Shot 2013 Playoffs Recap of First Round Part II

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Los Angeles Lakers vs. San Antonio Spurs

The Story:  Declining Dwight

Shot and Wilcox, flat out, believe Dwight Howard is on rapid decline since leaving the Orlando Magic, but we both question whether these concerns are a product of our bias as Magic fans. Dig says we’re spot on. He goes on to cite Shaq’s opinion as one of his proofs, and says that Howard will not get back to that max level.

Howard simply isn’t putting in the work. He hasn’t developed as a player, and he may never. Wilcox says that athleticism isn’t enough alone, “with milage, the body breaks down…Howard isn’t a good passer, he turns it over a lot for the big man, every time he puts it on the floor…he can’t shoot free throws…all of these things right here, I don’t see how that can be considered a max player or a max contract.” Bingo.