Who are the Orlando Magic's 4 most important duos for the Playoffs

The Orlando Magic have officially clinched a Play-In spot and are on their way to securing a top-5 seed. What four duos will play the biggest roles on the Orlando Magic during the playoffs?

Cleveland Cavaliers v Orlando Magic
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Going into the season the Orlando Magic securing a spot in the Play-In Tournament would feel like a successful season. The Magic have achieved that goal and with eight games to go, are well on their way to achieving the next one - playing their way into being able to avoid the play-in altogether.

The playoffs are right around the corner and Orlando is still sorting out its Playoff rotation. But the team has a good sense of who is going to be important and who will need to play well during the Playoffs.

As they prepare for the Playoffs they will be thinking about the player combinations that will make sense and give them the best chance to win. Orlando has a bunch of duos to keep an eye on in the postseason.

This season has been a lot of fun!

Paolo Banchero made his first All-Star team. Franz Wagner has looked liked the perfect running mate. Jalen Suggs blossomed into one of the best 3-and-D guards in the NBA. Coach Jamahl Mosley got his well-deserved extension and is in the hunt for the Coach of the Year Award. And Jonathan Isaac reminded everyone just how good he is, especially on defense.

The Magic are poised to be the perennial team that is "one year ahead of schedule" as long as they execute down the stretch, as everyone should fully expect them to do.

But in the playoffs, Orlando will experience a whole new level of basketball and intensity. They need to be ready to respond.

It will be an entirely different challenge. Opponents will know their strengths and weaknesses and exploit them as best they can. The Magic are going to need to rely on their most trusted players to deliver.

There will certainly be growing pains - there always are.

The other side of that coin is the Magic will also have seven games to gameplan against the same team, and Orlando has one of the best defenses in the NBA - in addition to potent 1-2 punches all over the court.

Orlando is built on its defense first but have young, exciting duos who will no doubt be looking to make an impact when everyone is watching.

For a lot of players on this team it will be their first time on the "big stage," but the Magic earned their first chance to play there.

In the Playoffs, your best players have to win their matchups. Winning in the playoffs is all about execution, and the Magic have the skill and enough 1-2 punches to feel confident against whoever they wind up matching up against.

Orlando is young, exciting and physical and if their top duos come to play - the entire NBA world will take notice.

What 1-2 punches for the Orlando Magic will go the farthest in directly determining how well they perform on the grand stage?