Orlando Magic Daily 2024 NBA Mock Draft 2.0: Opportunity abounds, success is narrow

The Orlando Magic are readying for the NBA Draft and hoping to add talent to the roster. That will not be as easy with the No. 18 pick in the draft this time around. How might things play out and where might the Magic strike? It is time for one final run through the mock draft.
Nikola Topic was once considered one of the top prospects in the Draft. A torn ACL could have him drop and become a big option for the Orlando Magic.
Nikola Topic was once considered one of the top prospects in the Draft. A torn ACL could have him drop and become a big option for the Orlando Magic. / Anadolu/GettyImages
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. Devin Carter. 6-2, 193 lbs. player. Scouting Report. Providence. 118. Utah Jazz No. 10 Mock Draft 06.25.24. Devin Carter. 10

The Utah Jazz are like the Orlando Magic. They like versatility and have some unique players they are working with.

That is why they would be the kind of team to chase after Providence guard Devin Carter. Carter is a small guard with a big wing span and someone who can play on the ball and off the ball. That is why he became a quick riser. He is someone who fits the Magic's liking too for that size and length.

Chances for a Magic Trade: Depends on what the Jazz are after

The Utah Jazz are the toughest team in the league to figure out. They have exceeded expectations but no one considers them a serious playoff threat. And they always seem eager to move.

The Jazz likely want young assets for any of their key players. But you could see the Magic putting in an offer for Collin Sexton involving their own draft pick. Maybe even for John Collins if they want to go super versatile with their center position (although I would not advise that).

Tristan Da Silva. . 6-8, 217 lbs. Colorado. player. 11. Chicago Bulls No. 11 Mock Draft 06.25.24. Tristan Da Silva. 24.

In the Chicago Bulls' perpetual chase for the 8-seed in the Eastern Conference, they are seemingly leaning into the versatility bent that everyone else. Their move to acquire Josh Giddey gave them a big playmaker to help anchor their offense and set Coby White up for success off the ball.

Finding another high-IQ forward like Tristan Da Silva makes a lot of sense for them. Especially considering he could play pretty quickly and help the Bulls stay relevant regardless of what they do with Zach LaVine or DeMar DeRozan.

Chances For A Magic Trade: Why would the Bulls pick up the phone?

I am confused by any trade between the Orlando Magic and the Chicago Bulls. Why would Arturas Karsinovas pick up the phone when Jeff Weltman is on caller ID after what he did in 2021?

Yet, everyone around the league seems to believe Zach LaVine would solve a lot of problems for the Magic. Maybe the Magic could help the Bulls solve some problems by giving them some free depth and an extra pick back. It does not seem like the right move.

player. 149. 12. Scouting Report. . 6-9, 217 lbs. Oklahoma City Thunder No. 12 Mock Draft 06.25.24. Tidjane Salaun. France. Tidjane Salaun

The Oklahoma City Thunder are knocking on the door of competing for a title. Like the Orlando Magic though, they are very invested in their young players' development and doing things their own way. They are not a team that just uses cap room on somebody. Everything has a purpose.

They have often used their draft picks on players like Tidjane Salaun. He is a high upside swing who needs some time to gather his skills. But he has some good playmaking and driving for a player of his size. Whether he can translate that to the NBA and shoot is the big question.

Chances for a Magic Trade: Not with this team

If the Orlando Magic are looking to move up in the draft, this is about the range they would like to move into Tidjane Salaun is a player that fits the Magic's eye in a lot of ways. But the Oklahoma City Thunder are likely chasing a lot of the same players. The Magic and Thunder both have cap room and seem to have similar philosophies.