OMD Roundtable: Key to the Orlando Magic's series with the Cleveland Cavaliers and staff picks

The Orlando Magic take on the Cleveland Cavaliers in the first round of the Playoffs in what everyone expects to be a competitive and physical series. We discuss the keys to the series and make staff predictions.
Jalen Suggs and the Orlando Magic have reached the Playoffs and have their chance to win their first-round series.
Jalen Suggs and the Orlando Magic have reached the Playoffs and have their chance to win their first-round series. / Mike Watters-USA TODAY Sports
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The Orlando Magic's Playoff series with the Cleveland Cavaliers has finally arrived.

All the questions everyone has had about this team from the beginning of the season to the nine-game win streak to the injury-filled January to the post-All-Star resurgence to the struggles to end the season will get answered in a best four-out-of-seven series. This is where players get tested and everyone finds out what a team is really about.

After all, this is the measure of a champion. And that is where the Magic ultimately want to go.

First things first, the Magic need to play a Playoff game, let alone win a game or win a series. And this season has been all about trying to gain this experience.

In a lot of ways, the pressure on the Magic this year is diferent than it will be at any time. Orlando is celebrating just being in the Playoffs at this moment. This is their debut and, even now with a chance to win a 4/5 series with a team they split the season series with during the regular season, there is still talk about going through these experiences and gaining experience.

Everyone senses that while this particular team's journey may end with whatever happens in the Playoffs this year, that this is the first of a multiyear run of Playoff appearances. The pressure only increases from here. This season was always about getting there.

That should not change the fact the Magic have a real chance to win. Just because they are happy to be here does not mean they are not eager to advance and do not seen an opportunity to win the series.

This Magic team, which was third entering the final week of the season and flirted with homecourt advantage in the Playoffs as much as they flirted with being relegated to the Play-In, is good enough to win this series.

They established their defensive identity which should translate to the postseason. They have a budding star who can take over games -- if not two.

Orlando has shown itself capable of winning big games and has rarely shrunk from the moment. The Magic long ago stopped doubting themselves and they should provide a tough challenge, at the very least.

There is a lot on the line in this series. And so the simple question is: What are the keys to the series?

The Magic are indeed not just happy to be in the Playoffs. They aim to win the series. And while they will have to get over the inexperience hump, the Magic have every confidence they will be competitive. And all this team needs is a little bit of belief.

In this roundtable for Orlando Magic Daily, we asked our staff members to name one key to the series and then make their picks as the Magic get set to take on the Cavs in their Playoff series. Additional notes and stats will be added by the editor in italics.