3 Keys to an Orlando Magic Playoff Series with the Cleveland Cavaliers

The playoffs are around the corner. And the Orlando Magic and Cleveland Cavaliers are on pace for a possible first-round matchup. What will be the keys to that series be?
Orlando Magic v Cleveland Cavaliers
Orlando Magic v Cleveland Cavaliers / Lauren Leigh Bacho/GettyImages
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The NBA playoffs are right around the corner and the middle of the Eastern Conference is a jumble when it comes to how some teams will be seeded.

Two teams that are in the thick of this seeding jumble are the Orlando Magic and Cleveland Cavaliers, leading to a possible first-round matchup in the playoffs.

After Friday's games, the Orlando Magic and New York Knicks each trail the Cleveland Cavaliers by one game, creating the possibility for the two teams to meet in the first round.

The Cavaliers and Magic met four times this season and the two teams split the season series with two wins a piece. Each team got a win in both arenas as well, making for a possibly tight and even playoff series if it came down to it.

Of course there were injuries on both sides during these games as there are right now in the final week of the season.

For Cleveland, forward Dean Wade is currently suffering from a knee sprain with his future this season unknown. That is key since Wade is a solid three-point shooter off of the bench on a team that is only in the middle of the NBA (16th) in three-point shooting as a team.

Evan Mobley did not play in two of the games the Cavs had against the Magic and Darius Garland missed a game as well. But, the Magic did see all of the Cleveland players at some point or another during their four games this season. And both teams got their licks in with each recording a blowout win.

So, here are three keys to an Orlando-Cleveland first round playoff series if it were to happen.