NBA Draft Grades: Rounding up Orlando Magic grades from league experts

2024 NBA Draft - Round One
2024 NBA Draft - Round One / Sarah Stier/GettyImages

With the 18th overall pick in this year's draft, the Orlando Magic selected Tristan da Silva. This selection was not a huge surprise. Da Silva had long been rumored to be one of the Magic's preferred targets if he was available at number 18. 

The Magic added versatility, size, and shooting in da Silva as well as an older prospect they feel can contribute right now. Getting someone, who is ready to go right away, seems to have been one of the team's priorities. 

Last season, they still drafted for potential and upside when they selected Anthony Black and Jett Howard. Neither saw much playing time, however, and both are still developmental projects. They are next in line to get increased minutes next season, and the Magic did not need another young player watching from the bench.

Next season will be much more difficult than this past one was. Orlando will not take anyone by surprise anymore and the Eastern Conference will likely be much better. Boston isn't going anywhere, the Indiana Pacers will have a full season of Pascal Siakam and maybe a healthy Tyrese Haliburton, Joel Embiid will hopefully be healthy, and the New York Knicks just pulled off a big trade to get Mikal Bridges from the Brooklyn Nets. The Magic won't be able to just saunter back to the playoffs. It will be a battle, and they need players ready to contribute. 

Da Silva, they believe, can be that player, but what do other people around the league think?  

Rounding up the Magic's first-round grades from other outlets

Several outlets have already released their first-round draft grades, and the Magic fared pretty well across the board. 

The Ringer: B

CBS Sports: B

Yahoo Sports: A-

Bleacher Report: B+

So far, it looks like the consensus is that the Magic made a solid pick in the middle of the first round. Drafting in the middle of the first round is often the most difficult position to be in because all the sure-fire prospects are usually gone by then. Da Silva doesn't seem to be a very risky pick, however, and promises to pan out well for the Magic. 

How well and how quickly he will pan out still remains to be seen.