NBA Analyst urges aging star to sign with the Orlando Magic in the summer

Cleveland Cavaliers v Orlando Magic - Game Six
Cleveland Cavaliers v Orlando Magic - Game Six / Julio Aguilar/GettyImages

Fighting for the final spot in the second round of this year’s playoffs, the Magic are way ahead of schedule. Paolo Banchero is ascending to stardom right before our eyes, Franz Wagner is developing into a great co-star for the franchise centerpiece, Jalen Suggs is an absolute menace, and Jonathan Isaac is playing great defense. 

Even though the Magic have not gotten much screen time on national TV yet, plenty of people are starting to see their potential. If they wanted to, the Magic could make a big splash this summer to accelerate the rebuild and become a contender in the East right away. Thus, they have been linked to some big names, like Klay Thompson and Dejounte Murray. 

Bill Simmons suggest Paul George should sign with the Magic in the summer

The LA Clippers could not find a way to consistently beat Luka Doncic, Kyrie Irving, and the Dallas Mavericks, which eventually led to their demise. Once again, the Clippers did not make it out of the first round of the playoffs. So, naturally, people are talking about Paul George’s future. 

He has not signed a new deal with the Clippers yet, and there are other options for him out there. At 34, George’s time to go on a meaningful playoff run is running out. A new group of teams and a new generation of stars are taking over. Without Kawhi Leonard, who just seems to get hurt every year, it will get tough for the aging Clippers to keep up. 

That very issue came up on one of the latest episodes of The Ringer’s The Bill Simmons Podcast. The conversation originally started with Bill Simmons and Rob Mahoney discussing the Philadelphia 76ers’ future and the rumors concerning their interest in Paul George in free agency. 

Responding to that, Simmons said, “I don’t know why Paul George would not go to Orlando over Philly. If I had the choice, and I’m just betting on a team, I’m betting on Orlando over Philly.”

Later, he added that if George were to actually leave LA he should leave for Paolo Banchero and his young, defensive-minded Magic team. 

This is by far not the first time the Magic have been connected to the Clippers’ veteran. Not too long ago, Ramona Shelburne reported on The Hoop Collective that Orlando and Philadelphia were the two teams to watch if the All-Star becomes a free agent. 

While this is all still speculation at this point, one thing is for sure: the Magic could really use Paul George. He is a great three-point shooter, fits the team’s identity as a tough defensive squad, could carry some of the scoring load while Banchero and Wagner develop, and has walked the same path those two are just embarking on.