Magic add to deep PF room with Tristan da Silva pick: Instant reaction and analysis

The Magic took a calculated risk with this pick.
Colorado v Florida
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The Orlando Magic knew they needed to nail it with the No. 18 overall pick in the 2024 NBA Draft, as bringing in a young playmaker to join a core led by Paolo Banchero and Franz Wagner as they keep pace with the rest of the competitive Eastern Conference.

Rather than add to a backcourt that had names like the still-improving Anthony Black and Cole Anthony, the Magic decided to get a power forward that could help supplement Banchero. With the 18th pick in the 2024 NBA Draft, the Magic selected Colorado power forward Tristan da Silva.

The Magic clearly wanted a player who could improve their shooting from deep while giving their bench some added pop, and da Silva should be able to check both of those boxes early in his pro career.

Orlando is big on taking long athletes who can eventually grow into their frames, which makes da Silva the next project for Jamahl Mosley and his staff.

Orlando Magic bring in versatile forward by selecting Tristan da Silva in 2024 NBA Draft

Despite playing on the same team as No. 10 pick Cody Williams, da Silva outscored Williams by averaging 16.0 points per game. Da Silva was a complete scorer on all three levels, making almost half of his shots and 39% of his 3-point attempts on steady volume.

In his rookie year, da Silva will likely lean on his smooth shooting and defensive energy to make an impact. While he isn't going to be an All-Defensive player, da Silva can effectively lock down wings on the perimeter while also handling himself in the paint. With some muscle, he could become even better in this area.

His biggest overall issue at this point in time is a lack of overall athletic ability, which could make it challenging to rely on him as a shot-creator. Playing next to experts like Banchero and Wagner in that area should help alleviate any of those concerns fans may have had, putting da Silva in a spot to help out on offense as a rookie.

The Magic are in a position to put together a deep postseason run, and the selection of da Silva only reinforces their desire to become a playoff fixture. Orlando has assembled one of the deepest, youngest frontcourts in the NBA, and they will only get better with time.

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