5 Draft prospects who can fill a need for the Orlando Magic

The Orlando Magic have a lot to focus on as the NBA Draft approaches in about one month. The team is approaching this draft looking to fill some key needs—if they keep the pick at all. Who should they be focused on?
The Orlando Magic could be in the market for a rim-protecting big at this year's draft. Indiana's Kel'el Ware could fit the bill.
The Orlando Magic could be in the market for a rim-protecting big at this year's draft. Indiana's Kel'el Ware could fit the bill. / Matt Krohn-USA TODAY Sports
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1. Forward Depth: Tristan Da Silva, Colorado

No player has been connected to the Orlando Magic in the draft process as much as Colorado forward Tristan Da Silva.

He is a player who seemingly fits the Magic's type. He is a 6-foot-8 forward from Colorado who is known for his basketball IQ and smarts. He can attack off the dribble at his height and run something resembling a point forward.

Da Silva averaged 16.0 points per game, 5.1 rebounds and 2.4 assists per game, all career highs. He had shooting splits of 49.3/39.5/83.5. He is widely considered a solid player who can plug in pretty immediately in any system.

That is the benefit of having a senior player.

Da Silva does not have the same college resume as other players, but he may be this draft class' Jaime Jaquez Jr. Da Silva has seen a lot in his four years in college and is coming into the league with a pretty well-defined sense of who he is as a player.

And there is at least some belief he could expand his scoring and playmaking with more spacing.

The Magic have a type of player they want to build around. They want players who have high basketball IQs and can play multiple positions and multiple roles. They love having playmaking from the forward position. The whole team is built around that with Paolo Banchero and Franz Wagner.

Drafting Da Silva is certainly not an effort to replace either of them. But having a mini-version of those two players so that their bench plays much the same style is something that could be advantageous. Especially if the Magic aims to use Cole Anthony off the ball from the bench or add some more shooting.

Everyone is expecting the Magic to have Jett Howard or someone else fill in for Joe Ingles' minutes with his future on the team up in the air.

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Da Silva helps fill this need. He is a sharp player who makes good decisions and can score in multiple ways. That is the reason he has been one of the more popular players mocked to the Magic.