Franz Wagner's max extension with Magic sets crazy record in Germany 

Franz Wagner inked a huge extension with the Magic and it is sending shockwaves through the world of German athletics.
Germany v Serbia: Final - FIBA Basketball World Cup
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It became pretty clear early on in his NBA career that Franz Wagner would earn a lot of money. Earlier this month, Wagner agreed to a massive five-year, $224 million rookie max extension that reportedly could go up to about $270 million if he makes an All-NBA team in the 2024-25 season. 

Wagner is the third player of his draft class to sign a max extension. The other two are Scottie Barnes and Cade Cunningham. Both are the face of their respective franchise and Barnes has also made an All-Star team already. Wagner's max extension was not as easy of a decision, as he is not the Magic's best player and struggled with his shot last season. He also ended the season with a disappointing 1-15 shooting performance in Game 7 of the Magic's first-round series against the Cleveland Cavaliers. 

Nevertheless, the Magic decided to back up their young star and give him the max extension. It is currently the biggest contract ever handed out in Magic history—until Paolo Banchero signs his extension—but set an even crazier record in Germany. 

Wagner's salary is unprecedented among German athletes

Most of us are aware that NBA salaries are crazy, even compared to other professional sports leagues, and have skyrocketed recently. Jayson Tatum just signed the largest contract in league history, making a whopping $314 million over five years

While Wagner's salary will not be quite as crazy, it is a big chunk of money and made huge news in Germany. With his new extension, Franz Wagner is now the highest-paid German athlete, as reported by Sport1. The outlet also notes that he will almost make more money in the next five years than German basketball legend Dirk Nowitzki made in his entire career. The biggest deal Nowitzki signed with the Mavericks was four years for $80 million. Wagner is also making about twice as much a year as some of the biggest names in German soccer. 

The fact that Wagner earned this contract at only 22 years old speaks to his talent and potential. The Magic are obviously the main beneficiaries of Wagner's game, but the German national team is also reaping the rewards of his continued development. Germany just won the basketball World Cup last summer behind the play of Dennis Schröder, Franz Wagner, and other NBA players. 

Now, the mission is to defend that title at the Olympics.