4 Three-point threats the Orlando Magic should target in free agency 

Los Angeles Clippers v Orlando Magic
Los Angeles Clippers v Orlando Magic / Rich Storry/GettyImages
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While the Orlando Magic took the rest of the league by surprise and made it to the playoffs, this is far from a complete team. The franchise is still technically working on its rebuild. They are just ahead of schedule because Paolo Banchero has emerged as a real star, Jamahl Mosley got the best out of the team defensively, and they managed to take advantage of other teams in the East struggling. 

The playoffs have been exciting, especially the last three games, but they have also exposed some of the Magic’s biggest weaknesses and roster flaws. Guard play and three-point shooting is something the front office will have to address this summer. 

So, let’s look at four three-point threats the Magic should target in free agency.

4. Klay Thompson 

You cannot talk about the importance of three-point shooting in today’s NBA without mentioning the Splash Brothers. As two of the greatest three-point shooters the game has ever seen, Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson changed how we see the long-range shot. 

While Curry will likely retire in a Warriors’ uniform, Thompson will be a free agent this summer. The Golden State Warriors’ dynasty seems to be over, and that might very well mean that the trio of Stephen Curry, Draymond Green, and Klay Thompson will not finish their careers on the same team. 

Missing the playoffs while you still have one of the best players in the league headlining your team is inexcusable. The Warriors have to make some changes. One of those changes might concern Thompson. The veteran struggled this season and was even moved to the bench in favor of rookie Brandin Podziemski for a while. Amid those struggles, he has not signed a new contract with the Warriors yet. 

If they don’t offer him a new deal, the Magic could swoop in and sign Thompson. They have the money to do so and desperately need some more shooting. While Thompson struggled at points of the regular season, he still shot 38.7 percent from three on nine attempts per game. 

That is exactly the kind of production from long-range the Magic do not have right now. Adding a floor-stretching guard like Thompson to the mix could be a real game-changer. On the other hand, Thompson is already 34, however, and has a significant injury history.