4 Rebuilding teams and who the Magic can realistically acquire from them

The Orlando Magic took a huge step forward this year and are one of the most cap rich teams in the league this Summer. The Magic have already been connected with multiple free agents but who could they acquire on the trade market?
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Team #2: Utah Jazz

The Utah Jazz will likely not have any type of firesale of their talent, but, when teams call they will likely answer and listen closely about whatever player the person on the other line is calling about. Dany Ainge has a history of stockpiling draft capital and has already started doing so in Utah. Orlando has plenty of draft capital at their disposal to invest, making Utah another logical trade partner for the Magic this offseason.

Realistic trade targets on Utah's roster, and why they fit with the Magic?

1. Collin Sexton
Contract: 4 years, $70.9 million

Collin Sexton has not gotten much buzz in Orlando to date but checks a lot of the same boxes as Anfernee Simons. At 25 years old, he fits the timeline of Orlando's core, and he is capable of getting his own shot or playing off the ball, averaging 18.7 points per game last season.

As someone who can distribute the basketball or get his own shot, he fits the mold of today’s NBA point guard very well. He is also very capable of getting to the rim and finishing through contact. Sexton shot 39.4% from three last season also, making him another player who can open up space and driving lanes for Paolo Banchero and Franz Wagner to work with.

He is a young, affordable guard who can space the floor and create shots for himself or others and may be the best fit for the Magic on the entire market. His contract would make it a lot easier for Orlando to add additional shooters

2. Jordan Clarkson
Contract: 2 years 28.3 million

Jordan Clarkson is a really, really good scorer and has been since he stepped onto an NBA court. He is able to use a quick first step and package of isolation dribble moves to get by defenders and into the paint. Clarkson's small cap hit would leave Orlando enough room to still add major pieces to the roster.

Clarkson averaged 17 points per game but also had a career-high last year in assists at 5 per game. Clarkson would be good in the starting lineup in Orlando but would be a great instant offense player off of the bench as well. Between Isaac locking down people on defense, Mo Wagner's energy and efficiency, and Clarkson lighting them up by scoring the ball, Orlando's bench would be one of the top in the NBA, if not the best.

Hypothetical Trades

- Magic receive: Collin Sexton

Jazz receive: Cole Anthony, Denver’s top-5-protected first-round pick, 2025 second-round pick, 2027 second-round pick

- Magic receive: Jordan Clarkson

Jazz receive: Caleb Houstan, second-round pick