4 Rebuilding teams and who the Magic can realistically acquire from them

The Orlando Magic took a huge step forward this year and are one of the most cap rich teams in the league this Summer. The Magic have already been connected with multiple free agents but who could they acquire on the trade market?
Orlando Magic v Detroit Pistons
Orlando Magic v Detroit Pistons / Gregory Shamus/GettyImages
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The Orlando Magic have their foundation in place with Paolo Banchero, Franz Wagner, and Jalen Suggs and are in a great position this offseason to add impact players via free agency and trades to build on that foundation.

Although the Magic had a phenomenal showing in the playoffs, the roster’s shortcomings were evident, and there are needs that must be addressed for this team to get to the next level.

Orlando likely will not chase someone who changes things too much and instead will opt to go after players who add and fit into what they already have. As Jeff Weltman put it, the Orlando Magic do not want to lose their “North star”.

There will inevitably be a handful of teams entering or accelerating their rebuilds this offseason, but what teams could be entering a rebuild this offseason, and who can Orlando realistically acquire from them?

Orlando has already been connected to some top free agents, and trade targets—with the amount of cap space the Magic have, a superstar to build around, and a foundation to build on, Orlando's front office will be on the phone more than almost any other team this summer.

Most of Orlando's tradeable assets are in the form of draft capital, and to land a "big fish" on the trade market, the Magic will need to be creative, but they do have the assets and cap space to make some big trades if they are out there.

That being said, there are plenty of point guards and players on the trade market who would be able to help Orlando with their shooting struggles that are realistically acquirable for the Magic.

The number one priority should be finding players who will open up the floor and create driving lanes for Paolo Banchero and Franz Wagner, either through knowing how, when, and where to get them the basketball in their spots, or by being a respected shooter and scorer.