3 trade targets the Orlando Magic should avoid

The Orlando Magic appear set to be buyers at the trade deadline this year. That brings with it risk of buying the wrong player. There are a lot of pretty things in the window, but not everything is worth purchasing.
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3 trade targets the Orlando Magic should avoid

Malcom Brogdon, Portland Trail Blazers

But the fit in Orlando does not make sense despite the Orlando Magic's need for a point guard. This is a player to avoid.

Brogdon has an injury history and he is only getting older.

Last year, he was pretty healthy, only missing 15 games during the regular season. But his body caught up to him, and he missed crucial time in the playoffs for the Boston Celtics. He always misses time, which is precisely why the Celtics tried to trade him for Kristaps Porzingis until the Memphis Grizzlies decided they did not want him. They eventually traded him to Portland for Jrue Holiday.

Brogdon has been healthy this year for Portland -- playing in 38 of Portland's 48 games to average 15.8 points per game and shoot 41.6 percent from three. Those stats are awfully enticing. You can see why Magic fans are intrigued with the idea of bringing him in.

If the Magic were to bring in Brogdon, it would take about until playoffs for the Magic to have figured out how to use Brogdon best and for Brogdon to feel comfortable and build chemistry with his teammates. If he gets injured, the Magic will have to remember how to play without him even quicker than they learned to play with him.

And they likely would have given up their starting point guard in Markelle Fultz to acquire him.

Then they would have a 31-year-old point guard who costs more than $22 million per year and has one year left on his deal.

This is another reason he does not make sense for the Magic. He is an older player (31 years old) who is expensive and not locked up long-term. His contract could stop the Magic from signing or trading for someone younger or a better fit. And then he could leave without them getting anything in return.

He also is not a great fit play style-wise for the Magic. If they bring in a point guard, it will probably be for someone who can distribute the ball and take the ball out of Paolo Banchero's hands. Not to mention for a guard who can shoot the lights out.

Although Brogdon would help with their shooting woes, he is a score-first player, which is not what the Magic need at point guard.

Brogdon is an above-average playmaker, but that usually is not his mindset. The Magic need someone who can hit open threes like he will, but not someone who will take too many shots and disrupt the game's flow. Brogdon is also a below-average defender, which does not fit the Magic's identity this year.

The Magic have hung their hat on defense this year, so to trade for someone who will play significant minutes that does not fit their team identity is not the best idea.

Brogdon is also shooting a career low in two-point percentage. This year, his deep ball has been all he has got going for him.

Brogdon is an experienced veteran point guard and an elite three-point shooter. But there are other veteran guards who can shoot who are younger, a better fit, and healthier, who make way more sense for the Magic.

They should move Brogdon to the end of their list and not waste their time trying to come up with a package when there are many better options.