3 trade targets the Orlando Magic should avoid

The Orlando Magic appear set to be buyers at the trade deadline this year. That brings with it risk of buying the wrong player. There are a lot of pretty things in the window, but not everything is worth purchasing.
Orlando Magic v Atlanta Hawks
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With the NBA trade deadline just one week away, Orlando Magic fans are excited about some new pieces they might add or some dead weight they want to get rid of to make a second-half playoff push.

Fans have been tuned in for weeks, reading about what players the Magic could bring in before the deadline. Especially with the Markelle Fultz experiment seemingly ending, they could be in the market to make some moves before the deadline.

With the excitement that the trade deadline brings, it can unfortunately also come with disappointment.

The Magic's front office has probably looked at dozens of players they are considering trading for. Finding a player or players who will not disappoint and fit in seamlessly with this group is extremely difficult and stressful. In doing this, they try to get the fans to fall in love with big names even if they do not fulfill any needs or fit into their system.

That is when the difficulty of fit versus talent comes in.

The player who is the best fit might not be as exciting or sell as many tickets as the bigger-name players who are on the trading block. Also, the Magic, who have been a losing franchise for nearly a decade and are just starting to get back on track, may feel pressured to bring in a big name at the deadline, especially with the playoffs in their grasp.

There is nothing wrong with getting a star, but it needs to be one who fits and will help the young core grow, not one who will mess up the chemistry and the development of Orlando's young stars.

The Magic may feel like they will secure a playoff spot if they bring in a big-name player. But there have been many teams that have gone for the home run hit and struck out.

If the Magic do not go for the home run, then they may go for a significant role player. But even that player needs to fill a need. They have to stop their habit of bringing in players that do exactly what everyone else on the roster can do.

After scouring the Internet and finding all the names from role players to stars who have been linked to the Magic, it is obvious that there are some names they seem to be heavily considering that they must avoid to stay on the path they are on.