3 Positional needs the Orlando Magic's depth chart reveals

The Orlando Magic enter the offseason likely losing five players from their rotation. Their depth chart shows where the Magic must focus their offseason energies.
The Orlando Magic will have a lot of needs to consider this offseason as they aim to complete their roster. A look at their depth chart reveals where their needs lie.
The Orlando Magic will have a lot of needs to consider this offseason as they aim to complete their roster. A look at their depth chart reveals where their needs lie. / Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports
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2. Wing depth

It is easy to spot the Orlando Magic's need for a guard. That is where a lot of us have spent our attention and focus. The starting lineup is a big thing. The Magic must add that piece to the puzzle. It is the most important addition they bring this offseason.

But the reason why there might be hesitation to throw a $35-million contract at Paul George or Klay Thompson is because there are other needs the Magic should address this offseason. Having a mid-level contract to spend will go a long way toward adding more quality players to the roster.

Just looking at the depth chart makes that clear. The Magic could lean on Jett Howard or Caleb Houstan to step in and fill the minutes that will theoretically be vacated by Joe Ingles. That might be a solid risk to take.

But it leaves the team incredibly young off the bench. There is a bit of inconsistency that the team would be weathering and developing.

There is also the small matter of covering for any lingering injuries for Jonathan Isaac. The Magic should be looking this offseason to find some added wing depth—whether that is adding another veteran shooter or another big wing to help fill out the bench.

Here, too. there are certainly lots of options. But the Magic have to ensure that they boost their depth elsewhere too. They need some more shooting off the bench, they need some more size and versatility. They need . . . a bit of everything.

The Magic should be looking at this as an opportunity to improve their overall talent. And while there are young players they should be giving space to play, they should also have an eye on improving their depth of talent overall.

Better players is never a bad thing.

Like with the guards, there are loads of options the Magic can look to -- whether that is coming from the Draft or in free agency. This is where the Magic should be looking to spend something close to the mid-level

Free Agency Options: Malik Beasley, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, Buddy Hield, Obi Toppin, Kelly Oubre, Kyle Anderson, Gordon Hayward, Bruce Brown, Gary Trent Jr., Derrick Jones Jr., Lonnie Walker, Luke Kennard

Trade Options: Brandon Ingram, Harrison Barnes, Norman Powell

Draft Options: Tristan Da Silva, Ja'Kobe Walter, Johnny Furphy, Jared McCain, Kyshawn George, Pacome Dadiet

Here, too, there is no shortage of options. And plenty of players who would fit the bill for the Magic both with their defense and their size.

This could be not just about the team looking for shooting, although this is an area where they could hunt for more shooting than they currently have.

There are shooters though. Some reporting has connected the Magic to Denver Nuggets forward Kentavious Caldwell-Pope and Milwaukee Bucks wing Malik Beasley. Both could be out of this price range.

Magic fans have long coveted Buddy Hield. After his rough finish to the season with the Philadelphia 76ers, he could be acquired for much cheaper. And in a more secure bench role, he could give the Magic a huge spurt

Who the Magic chase among this group could also provide a clue over what they feel their two first-round picks from last year can contribute. This could also be the area where the Magic use their draft to bolster their depth.

There are plenty of quality wings—Tristan Da Silva seems like the perfect kind of Magic player, but Johnny Furphy also has the size and versatility the Magic like, even if he needs a bit more time to be a clear contributor.

This is the spot after all left by Joe Ingles and Chuma Okeke. So they need someone they are confident can fit into the rotation.