3 Assistant Coach candidates for the Orlando Magic to pursue

The Magic are still looking to fill the void that Nate Tibbetts left as he left as the assistant coach and became the head coach of the Phoenix Mercury. The Magic still ended up having a successful season with a 47-35 record, but there is a question as to how much Orlando would've been with Tibbetts on the sideline. Now it's time to fill the hole left by Nate and decide how to do so.
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The Magic have a lot of work to do this offseason. From free agency to the draft and everything in between, Orlando needs to be productive this offseason to take the next step. However, the void left in the coaching staff by Nate Tibbetts‘ departure has flown under the radar.

The Magic need to find a new assistant coach going into the offseason and the next season, and Orlando needs to decide how the organization wants to fill the void. This decision needs to be a combined decision with Jamahl Mosley and the front office. The Magic have already put together a culture and a defensive identity and should work to improve the offensive side of the game with this hire. The Magic shouldn't sacrifice what they have built, but some options could help take Orlando to the next level. So, let’s look at three possible candidates.

3. Phil Handy

Phil Handy is a celebrated assistant coach in the NBA who was surprisingly dismissed from his position with the Los Angeles Lakers. Handy has seen success as an assistant as he has been a part of three championship teams.

Phil Handy would fit the mold of the current culture of what the Magic have valued in terms of player development. To go along with a coaching career in the NBA, Handy has also been labeled as one of the strongest player development coaches in the league as he's worked with Lebron James, Kyrie Irving, and Kobe Bryant, to name a few.

The mix of being a top assistant coach and being strong in player development would be an easy fit with the philosophy the Magic have within their current coaching staff, starting with the head coach. Handy can also relate to the players as he's played across Europe and had a brief stint in the NBA.

Handy would be able to help the Magic's young stars, Paolo Banchero and Franz Wagner with his player development expertise as he has done with other players in the past. This would boost the internal development the Magic have preached over the last several years.

In terms of coaching, he'd share his experiences with Mosley and bring championship experience even from a coaching perspective. As the Magic take their steps towards the second round of the playoffs, conference finals, and eventually the finals, it's going to be a new experience for the team and Mosley. Someone as experienced as Handy would be essential to keeping the team together in uncharted waters.