2024 Orlando Magic Daily Big Board Version 1.0: There's a Draft still?!

The Orlando Magic have been knee deep into the Playoffs this season, a nice change of pace for this team. But now that the season is over, everyone will have to focus on how to make this team better. That still includes the NBA Draft.
Devin Carter of Providence is one of the more intriguing young shooters in the Draft that could be available when the Orlando Magic pick.
Devin Carter of Providence is one of the more intriguing young shooters in the Draft that could be available when the Orlando Magic pick. / Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports
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Tier 3: Hoping to be there

Dalton Knecht Big Board 05.10.24. Dalton Knecht. player. Scouting Report. Tennessee. Dalton Knecht. 10. 534. . 6-6, 213 lbs

Dalton Knecht seemingly came out of nowhere in his lone year at Tennessee. He turned a strong junior year at Northern Colorado into an even better year at Tennessee. If a player is going to spend all four years in school, they better show marked improvement at each year.

So the fact Knect jumped up his stats while jumping into the SEC is really encouraging. His average of 21.7 points per game on 39.7 percent shooting from three (77.2 percent from the foul line) are really encouraging. So too is the fact that he had big burst games like his 40-point game against Kentucky or pair of 39-point games against Florida and Auburn (all NCAA Tournament teams).

Entering the NCAA Tournament, there was hope Knecht would be available when the Magic pick. He checks all the boxes as a bigger forward who can play anywhere on the floor and an ace shooter with some creation ability. But his strong run to end the season will probably jump him into the late Lottery, just beyond the Magic's clutches.

player. 6-3, 197 lbs. Jared McCain. Scouting Report. 434. Duke. Jared McCain. 11. Jared McCain Big Board 05.10.24.

If the Orlando Magic are looking for a point guard who can create for himself, lead and play a bit off the ball, Jared McCain might be their guy. He had solid freshman year at Duke averaging 14.4 points per game and 5.5 rebound sper game in ACC play. He shot 37.5 percent from three and 86.7 percent from the foul line in conference.

McCain is not a true point guard because he is not much of a distributor. But he got better as the season went on and showed he can get to his spots, hit some tough mid-range jumpers or get to the bakset.

For what the Magic are looking for at point guard, he may be perfect for them. He can shoot -- one of the best shooters in this Draft. He can finish around the basket even above taller defenders. He has great patience with the ball.

The concern will be with his size. He is on the small side overall. And while he is determined and capable as a defender, size is always something teams pick on. Jared McCain might be a more efficient version of Cole Anthony in the end.

. 6-8, 185 lbs. Cody Williams. player. Cody Williams. 514. Cody Williams Big Board 05.10.24. . Colorado. 12

When you look at a player as the only way to decide whether someone has an NBA future, Cody Williams is one of the best players in this Draft. On first glance, he has a lot of the skills and a lot of the physical attributes that NBA teams like and feel like they can build around.

Williams has the numbers to back it up too, averaging 13.5 points per game in Pac-12 play at Colorado on solid 56.8/40.0/73.2 shooting splits. His 3-point shooting came on extremely low volume.

The brother to Oklahoma City Thunder star Jalen Williams, Cody Williams has the size and mid-range scoring ability that teams can build around. His consistency was the big issue in college. He had 10 games of 10 points or fewer as he missed time with a wrist injury that slowed him down.

But Williams remains a very high-upside selection and should be considered a steal if he somehow fell to 18 (he will not).