1 Thing Paolo Banchero must add to become a superstar

Paolo Banchero is on track to become one of the brightest basketball stars of this new generation. What does he need to add to lock down the superstar status?
Orlando Magic v Cleveland Cavaliers - Game Seven
Orlando Magic v Cleveland Cavaliers - Game Seven / Jason Miller/GettyImages

Paolo Banchero is on track to become one of the brightest basketball stars of this new generation. In just his second season as a pro, he already made an All-Star game and led his team through a tough seven-game playoff series. Now is the time to capitalize on that and take the next step towards NBA superstardom. 

For most Magic fans, Banchero is already a superstar. The league is stacked with talent and big names, however. Earning and holding on to the superstar label outside of your local market is not always an easy thing to do. 

If anyone can do it, it is Banchero, however. With how well he is playing already, it is easy to forget that he is only 21 years old. He still has plenty of time to grow and improve his game. 

What does Banchero have to work on to become a true superstar? 

Paolo Banchero already has an elite NBA skill set. He is 6'10", can play defense, is able to get his own shot, and can create for others. If this is only the beginning, his future in the NBA is incredibly bright. 

Despite being one of the youngest players on the team and playing the power forward spot, Banchero led the Magic in assists per game with 5.4. He also led the team in scoring and rebounding (he was tied with Wendell Carter Jr. at 6.9) and elevated his game to a whole other level in the playoffs. 

Still, Banchero's game is not perfect—few players have no flaws, especially not at such a young age. Just adding one thing could make him pretty much unguardable, however. 

So far, Banchero has not yet proven that he has a consistent jumper. In his two NBA seasons, he shot only 29.8 and 33.9 percent from three. Those are not great numbers, but there is hope that he will improve soon. First of all, his three-point shooting vastly improved in the playoffs. Over seven games, he shot 40 percent from long range on an average of 5.7 attempts per game. 

Secondly, as the main playmaker and focal point of the offense, Banchero has not gotten many chances to take simple catch-and-shoot looks. Mainly taking pull-up threes, often with a defender on you, would hurt anyone's shooting percentages. Adding a table-setter and offensive-minded point guard in the offseason should help open up some easier looks for the Magic star. 

Banchero has already proven that he can rise to the occasion and hopefully, that will translate to the regular season soon. If he can become a 36-plus percent three-point shooter consistently, it would really change his impact on the court. 

For one, it would transform the Magic's offense. They need more three-point shooting and some of that has to come from within. Furthermore, a more reliable three-point shot would turn Banchero into an unsolvable puzzle for defenses. After all, how do you guard a 6'10" forward who can get to the rim, shoot threes, and set up his teammates at a high level? 

That is what makes superstars in this league and Banchero seems on the right track. From his rookie season to his sophomore season he already improved his three-point shooting by four percent. If that trend continues, the rest of the league better watch out. Paolo Banchero and the Magic will be a problem for years to come.