How every NBA trade deadline deal affects the Orlando Magic – Early Edition

Kevin Durant of the Brooklyn Nets with Gary Harris of the Orlando Magic (Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images)
Kevin Durant of the Brooklyn Nets with Gary Harris of the Orlando Magic (Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images) /
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The NBA Trade Deadline is off and running already this season.

The day started with the debut of Kyrie Irving in a Dallas Mavericks uniform. And then when all the games Wednesday ended, all Hell broke loose throughout the league.

Two MVP players have moved already with Russell Westbrook going to the Utah Jazz (but for how long?) and Kevin Durant going to the Phoenix Suns. Already too one of the biggest dominoes fell with the Toronto Raptors seemingly doubling down on their team to acquire big man Jakob Poeltl.

Everything in the NBA is an interconnected web. And the Suns upping the ante by acquiring Durant (I swear I am not burying that lead) will surely start a bit of an arms race in a super tight Western Conference to keep up.

That is going to create a ton more action at the deadline.

The NBA trade deadline always has a lot of fireworks going on as two MVPs got dealt Wednesday night. As the clock ticks down, we break down what each deal means for the Orlando Magic.

The Orlando Magic are not expected to do a ton of things. They have some veteran players that other teams might be eyeing and some contracts they might be looking to ship out. Gary Harris is the player most other teams are likely trying to pry from Orlando. Meanwhile, the Magic are likely trying to find new homes for Mo Bamba and Terrence Ross.

Orlando is negotiating from a position of power though. They have a lot of young players and a ton of cap flexibility. The Magic are a team that could be ready to buy and make some serious steps.

We all know what the Magic need. They need shooting desperately. But it is still tough to get a sense of what the Magic are hoping to do at the deadline.

We will wait and break down whatever Orlando does separately. But as a service to you, we will break down what every trade deadline deal means for the Magic specifically.

This is the overnight and early edition and will be updated, with a new edition starting after around noon Eastern time to round out the day.