How the Orlando Magic look in NBA 2K23

The Orlando Magic feel they might have their star in Paolo Banchero. The clock is already ticking to surround him with a title team. (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)
The Orlando Magic feel they might have their star in Paolo Banchero. The clock is already ticking to surround him with a title team. (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images) /
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Cole Anthony, Orlando Magic
Cole Anthony’s role for the Orlando Magic is among the players likely to change as the team begins to enter its next phase. Mandatory Credit: Alonzo Adams-USA TODAY Sports /

Where the Orlando Magic rank in NBA 2K23

The Starters

Cole Anthony

Cole Anthony was rated a 78. I think this might be the most disgusting rating on the team.

He was the same overall last year and I think that is an abomination considering the jump he made. His stats increased in every major statistical category in all of his shooting splits aside from field goal percentage. But he did handle more of an offensive load this year.

He was seemingly the leader of the team and arguably the team’s best player. Yet he is the fourth-highest-ranked player on the team.

Most of his attributes make sense but there are a couple I have a problem with. His three-point rating is a 77, when multiple players who shot a worse percentage than him have 78 ratings.

He also has a 67 mid-range shot when he actually shot very well from the mid-range.

The 2K Ratings may also not have watched the Dunk Contest either.

DeMar DeRozan got an 88 for his vertical but has a 38.5-inch vertical jump. Cole Anthony has a 43-inch vertical and got a 77. This makes no sense he should easily be in the nineties in this category.

Overall he should be between an 80-82. His gains should have been more recognized.

Jalen Suggs

Jalen Suggs was rated a 75, which might come as a disappointment. It is down from his original rating last year at a 77. But when you look at the season he had, I do not think they are too far off.

It was a rough year for Suggs and a step back is at least somewhat warranted.

I think this will give him the motivation to have a bounce-back year and try to get his ratings up as surpassingly a lot of players pay attention to their ratings.

He has a few ratings that I think could be higher. His free throw rating was a 76.

Although he only shot 77.3-percent from the free throw line, there were players who shot the same or worse than him in the 80s and 90s, so I think that rating could be bumped up as well.

His shot IQ and his steal are the only other ones I had a problem with. He got a 70 rating for shot IQ, but from watching him I think he had a pretty good shot IQ. He seemed to take good shots and knew when to shoot and when not to. He just had trouble making them. I think this rating could be in the high 70s or low 80s.

He also got a 63 steal, an area where he was very good. Suggs averaged 1.2 steals per game last year but has a worse steal rating than Hamidou Diallo and Cody Martin. That just does not seem right. I think Suggs could be about a 70, he has great play recognition and as one of the best transition players on the Magic, a lot of his transition scoring came off of turnovers he created.

Overall I think he could be a 76.

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Franz Wagner

Franz Wagner got an 80 and this is the first one I actually think was perfect (even if it does place him behind Josh Giddey for the moment). He came in at a 74 last year, so it does show his improvement but also gives him room to grow in his second year. I think they got this one right on the nose.

I only have three complaints about his attributes, his defense, his free throw and his passing.

He got a 79 free throw rating but shot 86.3 percent from the line. Although he is not the best at getting to the line that has nothing to do with his free throw rating. his rating is three better than Suggs, but he shot nine percentage points higher.

He also got a 69 pass IQ rating. He had one of the best turnover percentages for his usage, and was a phenomenal passer, especially in the drive and kick.

Players on the Orlando Magic shot 40 percent from the field and three when he drove and kicked the ball out. He knew when and where to pass it and his passing IQ should be in the low to mid-80s.

He also got a 73 perimeter defensive rating but was one of the best rookie defenders in the league and one of the best small forward defenders in the league. His on-ball defense was elite, and his size and length help that out a lot. I think he should have about an 80 in perimeter defense.

Overall I think they got his rating right but the argument that he should be an 81 or 82 can definitely be made.

Paolo Banchero

Paolo Banchero got a 78 and I also agree with this. 2K always gives the top rookies ratings between 77-80 and I think this is perfect. We have not got to see him play in a real game yet so this makes sense. No complaints from me.

Wendell Carter

Wendell Carter was the highest-rated player on the Orlando Magic as an 83. All I can say is finally he gets the recognition he deserves. The only complaint I have is his pass accuracy.

He got a 56 in pass accuracy and this is a little low for me. Jakob Poeltl who averaged the same amount of assists as carter got a 69 and Alperen Sengun got a 63. Sengun averaged slightly fewer assists. His rating should definitely be around a 65. He also averaged 2.8 assists per game which was tied for eighth among centers.

Aside from this, I think everything was perfect, and I am happy he is getting the ratings he deserves.