Orlando Magic 2020 NBA Draft Big Board: One month to go

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Tyrell Terry, Stanford Cardinal
Tyrell Terry has established himself as one of the best shooters in the 2020 NBA Draft Class. Mandatory Credit: Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports /

Rising and Falling

Auburn. Scouting Report. F. Isaac Okoro. 12. player. 525. Video Analysis

Pros: This year’s award for super athletic, long forward who everyone thinks they can mold into whatever they want is Isaac Okoro! This is the same kind of player the Orlando Magic have drafted in two of the last three years. Isaac Okoro is definitely a Jeff Weltman draft pick. Okoro is a solid defender because of his athleticism and he can finish well at the rim.

Cons: Okoro is still rudimentary offensively. He is raw and is not a great scorer or shooter quite yet. He is just merely a bundle of energy. Most guys of his type are comfortably forwards. But at 6-foot-6, Okoro will have to play down to guard at times. And he shot only 28.6-percent from deep.

Video Analysis. G. Stanford. player. 517. Scouting Report. Tyrell Terry. 13

Pros: Tyrell Terry is a great shooter, making 40.8-percent of his 3-pointers this season. That is his best skill entering the next level. This guy is a scorer. And in a Draft with limited person-to-person information, defined skills seem to be climbing. That is why Terry seems to be generating some buzz. Teams can bank on his shooting.

Cons: Terry does not have a lot of point guard skills for a player his size. He is not really making plays for others. And his slight frame is of concern as he tries to make it to the next level. At 6-foot-3, he is probably too small physically to play off guard too often.

Villanova. Saddiq Bey. 14. Scouting Report. Video Analysis. F. player. 479

Pros: Saddiq Bey comes from Villanova, so everyone knows he will be a tough defender and a smart player. That is very true with Bey, our pick for the Orlando Magic in our latest mock draft. He is an efficient shooter and just a smart player overall.

Cons: There is no star potential here. He is not going to create for himself and he is going to have to fashion himself as a three-and-D player. The bigger concern with me is that he is big in a bad way for a player his size. I wonder if he has the lateral quickness to be a top defender at the next level.

Video Analysis. Florida State. Patrick Williams. player. Scouting Report. F. 15. 435

Pros: Like Isaac Okoro, Patrick Williams is the versatile forward that is all athleticism and potential and not any particular skills yet. That is probably why I have him — and Isaac Okoro and Obi Toppin — so low on my Orlando Magic-specific board. He is a great athlete and already a solid defender who knows how to use that athleticism. The Florida State pedigree helps a ton.

Cons: He is still figuring out what he can do offensively. And when he is not in an athletic situation, his value decreases dramatically, especially offensively. Williams shot only 45.2-percent from the floor overall and 32.0-percent from beyond the arc.

Scouting Report. Video Analysis. PG. 16. player. 523. Alabama. Kira Lewis Jr.

Pros: Length and athleticism are seemingly requirements for the Orlando Magic to make a draft pick. And Kira Lewis has that, seemingly the ideal point guard fit for this team as they try to look ahead. He is really good at getting to and finishing at the rim, using that athleticism and speed to its fullest power. He would certainly fit the Magic’s desire to play at a faster pace.

Cons: He is not much of a playmaker and passer, averaging only 5.2 assists per game. Although that was a big bump up from his freshman year totals. there is room for growth there. Much of Lewis’ game remains his straight line-drive speed. He has to improve in pick and rolls and reading set defenses.

Video Analysis. Tyrese Maxey. 17. player. 528. Scouting Report. PG. Kentucky

Pros: Tyrese Maxey is very similar to Kira Lewis Jr. He is a speedy guard who can get into the lane and attack the basket well. He creates good space and has a knack for scoring. That is all a good sign for his NBA prospects. Maxey also is a solid defender and has the physical attributes the Magic like with his length.

Cons: But, also like Lewis, he is not much of a playmaker as a point guard, averaging 3.2 assists per game. That is not encouraging that he will be able to make the plays he needs to at the NBA level. Unlike Kira Lewis, his shot is a major concern. Maxey shot just 29.2-percent from deep. That is a big concern for him getting to the next level.