Orlando Magic 2020 NBA Draft Big Board: One month to go

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Precious Achiuwa, Memphis Tigers
Precious Achiuwa has gotten some buzz as a potential pick fort he Orlando Magic as he mixes athleticism with physicality. (Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images) /

Outside Chance

18. Scouting Report. Memphis. Precious Achiuwa. player. 451. Video Analysis. PF/C

Pros: Precious Achiuwa was part of Memphis’ super freshman class that was supposed to bring the next wave of Kentucky dominance to Penny Hardaway’s Memphis squad. That fell apart with James Wiseman getting declared ineligible. Precious Achiuwa though stepped in admirably and displayed his versatility and athleticism as the center for the team. He averaged 15.8 points and 10.8 rebounds per game.

Cons: Achiuwa is good and active around the basket. But he still shot only 49.3-percent from the floor and he was not much of a shot blocker. He has not figured out how to use all that athleticism to be an impact player defensively yet. The other question that remains is whether he can play center full time. Although, that positional nomenclature is not as important anymore.

Obi Toppin. 19. Dayton. F. player. 38. Scouting Report. Video Analysis

Pros: I am admittedly much lower on Obi Toppin than everyone else. I honestly cannot explain why (although I will try). He is going to go in the top-10 of this Draft. He is just the one guy who does not fit my eye for whatever reason. Toppin is a great athlete who put on some incredible dunks in the open court. He has the size and length that could translate.

Cons: While he put up impressive stats last year at Dayton, he was a really late bloomer who seemingly came out of nowhere. That part is encouraging that he could grow. But he does not have a lot of half-court offensive skills. He is not a particularly good shooter. And his growth was seemingly as much about his athleticism coming together in astounding ways. I am just not sold this translates well to the NBA like the other athletes in this class.

SG. Texas Tech. Jahmi'us Ramsey. 20. player. Scouting Report. Video Analysis. 468

Pros: The Orlando Magic’s need for scoring should have them scanning the 3-point field goal percentage column and points-per-game column in their review of prospects. And that should have them land on Jahmi’us Ramsey. Ramsey averaged 15.0 points per game and shot 42.6-percent from beyond the arc. Those are both good numbers seieng that efficiency on a high-volume scorer.

Cons: At 6-foot-4, Ramsey is on the small end. he definitely does not check those boxes for the Magic especially. It may be hard to see him being much more than a spot-up shooter at the NBA level. He is not beating anyone off the dribble or hitting pull-up shots efficiently enough to be on teh ball very much. And he is definitely not a point guard.

Video Analysis. PG. ASVEL (France). Scouting Report. Theo Maledon. 21. player. 38

Pros: Theo Maledon was my pick for the Orlando Magic in my first mock draft. He is a quality player who held his own in the French league. He plays within himself and does a good job using his positioning and first step to create space. He plays under control and that kind of maturity is a big thing for a young player.

Cons: But Maledon probably does not have much of a ceiling. He does not possess a ton of athleticism or a particularly quick first step. He probably tops off as a backup in a slower offense. That probably is not what the Magic are looking for despite his size.

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That is my current Magic-centric big board. There will surely be one more mock draft (at least) before the NBA Draft in November!