NBA Draft 2013: 5 Players Orlando Magic Should Trade Down to Obtain

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5) Rudy Gobert, Center, France

The Magic do not really need a center, but true seven-footers are sometimes too hard to pass up on. Meyers Leonard was a late lottery pick last year for that reason.

But Rudy Gobert is not Meyers Leonard. He’s a Serge Ibaka type of athlete, with even more height and length. His first impact will come defensively, but his great athleticism will eventually render him a very successful center. As to whether he is more Samuel Dalembert or prime Marcus Camby? That’s anyone’s guess. But he may be better than both offensively if he continues to work on his footwork. He may even enlist the services of the Hoops Whisperer Hakeem Olajuwon.

Gobert isn’t drawing the mass attention the guys did in the NCAA last season. He’s an international talent, and he may eventually shoot high up the draft board during team workouts. Or he could drop quickly because of an inability to display his talents in short workouts. Anything could happen.

Gobert may not be the kind of talent that Rob Hennigan ultimately feels pressed to trade down, and he may fall out of the lottery altogether.