NBA Draft 2013: 5 Players Orlando Magic Should Trade Down to Obtain

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4) C.J. McCollum, Point Guard, Lehigh

Essentially, C.J. McCollum is the guy the Magic would be wise to trade down for (or just part with some talent to obtain a late lottery pick, if it shapes up right). He’s basically the Deron Williams of mid-major programs, and his game is so similar. He’s not an elite athlete, but it never seems to matter.

His immense skill set and talent enabled his LeHigh team to pull an astounding upset of Duke as a No. 15 seed in the 2012 NCAA tournament. McCollum could have come out last year, but he returned for a senior season. While four-year players make quicker impacts, GMs are still often hesitant to draft them. Their “primes” come too soon.

But that is really the only downside to McCollum. He’s smart enough to lead an NBA team, and the team that obtains him will quickly find he is starter material, quickly. The four-year aspect can be a downside in some respects, but in the right situation McCollum will vastly improve an NBA team next year. For those who doubt mid-major prospects, Rookie of the Year Damian Lillard just said ‘hi.’