Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo thinks the Magic should roll the..."/> Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo thinks the Magic should roll the..."/>

Orlando Magic News & Notes: Too Good To Trade Howard?


Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo thinks the Magic should roll the dice with Dwight Howard:

"“Orlando is too good to trade him now,” believes one front office executive who has communicated with Magic general manager Otis Smith recently.The Magic are 11-4 and good. They’re really good. The Magic’s reluctance to meet Howard’s trade demands are simple: They’re willing to test his mettle. Want to leave as a free agent and take $30 million less on the market? We dare you. It’s a risky strategy, but the Magic know Howard better than anyone else. And they know he’s inclined to change his mind on leaving because he’s changed his mind on a lot of things here. And come July, Orlando could still get something back for him in a sign-and-trade scenario."

Zach McCann, now of, gives his thoughts on Howard and Andrew Bynum:

"Howard controlled the game on defense and dominated the glass, finishing with 21 points and 23 rebounds and further proving that he is, indeed, the NBA’s premier center.And it’s not close.Bynum, who many consider the next-best center in the NBA, put up 10 points, 12 rebounds and five fouls for the slumping Lakers."

Mike Bianchi wonders if Shaq still thinks Andrew Bynum is better than Dwight Howard:

"Hard to believe Shaq is actually getting paid big money to be an NBA analyst and this is the sort of absurdity he comes up with.Bynum better than Dwight? This would be like some rock ‘n’ roll critic claiming A Flock of Seagulls are greater than the Beatles. Bynum is good, but Dwight is the gold standard when it comes to big men in the NBA."

NBA Commissioner David Stern discussed the Dwight Howard situation with Josh Robbins:

"David Stern: Only to the extent that they’re fed by journalists like you. I don’t remember Miami ever being referred to as a “large market.” Do you?OS: No.Stern: Stop right there, then. But, now, because a couple of players decided to go where the sun shines, that’s now a large market. Well, guess what: Orlando, to my mind, is a large market even though you refer to it as a “small market.” It’s up there in the top 10 in revenues. It has actually pretty much close to the same sunshine that Miami has, and it’s a preferred place for so many people to live in the middle of their careers and after their careers are over. So I think there’s a small-market sort of point of view sometimes that people have a defensiveness [about]. But, to me, Orlando’s a great market, and it seems to be a great place to live."

Jameer Nelson says the Dwight Howard saga has affected him:

"“I’m here to play basketball and I can’t worry about what anybody says. I’m here because I’m a winner and they want me here. I know if they didn’t want me, I wouldn’t be here,” Nelson said.“I’m human and a lot of things affect you. We’re basketball players, but we’re also human. A lot of the stuff that came out about other point guards being here was basically months ago, so if I was hurt, I’m over it.”"

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