Published 12/01/2010 - Week 5 With nearly a quarter of the s..."/>

Published 12/01/2010 - Week 5 With nearly a quarter of the s..."/>

S&M Power Poll: Week 5 NBA Power Rankings


Published 12/01/2010 – Week 5

With nearly a quarter of the season now passed, we are starting to finally learn more about which teams are truly good, which teams are pretenders, and which teams really really don’t like their coaches (see: Heat, Miami).  For the first time this season, both Andrew Melnick and myself have dropped the world champion Los Angeles Lakers from the top spot of the rankings as they’re coming off a three game losing streak where they lost to Utah, Indiana and the mighty Memphis Grizzlies.  It should be pointed out though that they still are without Andrew Bynum and two of those three losses were on the road at the end of November.  Certainly not time for the champs to panic.  Melnick felt that the Orlando Magic have showed enough prowess recently to justify a jump of the Lakers, however I disagree.  The Lakers may be struggling right now, but until the Magic show they can consistently beat good teams, I refuse to move them into the top 3.

The Magic have won four straight but have played a relatively weak schedule so far.  They’ve only played 5 teams with a winning record and are only 3-2 in those games.  The only impressive win was against a struggling Heat team at home.  Speaking of the Heat, they continue to chill out in the rankings and both Melnick and I have them out of the top 10 for the time being (11 and 12 respectively).  The chemistry that I expected to be weak during the beginning of the season, has surpassed even my own negative expectations.  This team has clear power struggles and a disgruntled superstar child in LeBron James.

The revitalized San Antonio Spurs top the S&M Power Poll for the first time this season and it’s scary how good this team could be come playoff time if they can manage to stay healthy.  Tim Duncan is still dropping triple-doubles and the slow it down, grind-it-out Spurs we are used to, have faded away.  The Spurs are ranked second in the league in points scored per 100 possessions and seventh in overall pace.  These aint your Myspace-lovin, Bruce Bowen Spurs any longer.

The biggest jump this week came courtesy of the New York Knicks who Melnick had ranked at 23 and now are ranked by both of us at 14.  The biggest tumble came from those lovable Miami Heat who we each dropped 5 spots.

The full S&M Power Poll is available after the jump:

S&M Power Poll – SerraS&M Power Poll – Melnick
1San Antonio Spurs (3) (15-2)1San Antonio Spurs (3) (15-2)
2Boston Celtics (2) (13-4)2Boston Celtics (2) (13-4)
3Los Angeles Lakers (1) (13-5)3Orlando Magic (8) (13-4)
4Orlando Magic (7) (13-4)4Los Angeles Lakers (1) (13-5)
5Dallas Mavericks (5) (13-4)5Dallas Mavericks (4) (13-4)
6Utah Jazz (8) (14-5)6Utah Jazz (6) (14-5)
7Oklahoma City Thunder (11) (12-6)7Oklahoma City Thunder (12) (12-6)
8New Orleans Hornets (4) (12-5)8New Orleans Hornets (5) (12-5)
9Chicago Bulls (9) (9-6)9Denver Nuggets (11) (10-6)
10Atlanta Hawks (10) (11-7)10Chicago Bulls (10) (9-6)
11Miami Heat (6) (10-8)11Atlanta Hawks (9) (11-7)
12Denver Nuggets (12) (10-6)12Miami Heat (7) (10-8)
13Indiana Pacers (18) (9-7)13Indiana Pacers (18) (9-7)
14New York Knicks (20) (10-9)14New York Knicks (23) (10-9)
15Phoenix Suns (14) (8-9)15Portland Trail Blazers (13) (8-9)
16Memphis Grizzlies (16) (8-10)16Phoenix Suns (14) (8-9)
17Portland Trail Blazers (14) (8-9)17Memphis Grizzlies (16) (8-10)
18Golden State Warriors (15) (8-10)18Golden State Warriors (17) (8-10)
19Cleveland Cavaliers (19) (7-10)19Cleveland Cavaliers (21) (7-10)
20Milwaukee Bucks (156 (6-10)20Milwaukee Bucks (15) (6-10)
21Washington Wizards (25) (5-11)21Charlotte Bobcats (20) (6-11)
22Charlotte Bobcats (22) (6-11)22Houston Rockets (19) (5-12)
23New Jersey Nets (24) (6-12)23New Jersey Nets (24) (6-12)
24Toronto Raptors (27) (6-11)24Toronto Raptors (27) (6-11)
25Detroit Pistons (23) (6-12)25Detroit Pistons (22) (6-12)
26Houston Rockets (21) (5-12)26Washington Wizards (26) (5-11)
27Minnesota Timberwolves (26) (4-13)27Minnesota Timberwolves (25) (4-13)
28Philadelphia 76ers (29) (4-13)28Philadelphia 76ers (28) (4-13)
29Los Angeles Clippers (30) (3-15)29Los Angeles Clippers (30) (3-15)
30Sacramento Kings (28) (4-11)30Sacramento Kings (29) (4-11)

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