Portland Trail Blazers Friday night. For a preview of the game, click &l..."/> Portland Trail Blazers Friday night. For a preview of the game, click &l..."/>

Orlando Magic News & Notes: Problems on Offense


The Orlando Magic will take on the Portland Trail Blazers Friday night. For a preview of the game, click here. If you want to see a preview from the opposing point of view, check out the Blazers Edge preview.

Rashard Lewis has been nearly invisible at times this season.

"“Vince and I were talking. We have to make this work,” Lewis said. “It feels different (this season). But we got to make it work. Nobody’s going anywhere.“We’re not jelling. We’re playing OK, but we’re not elite. … where we need to be. It feels like we’re one of last-place teams.”"

Brian Schmitz has the story here.

Rashard Lewis also shared his thoughts about the offense on his blog. He is not happy with his lack of shots.

"You guys know I’m usually not one to complain, but I just feel like now I need to speak up. Every night in order for me to have a good game I feel like I have to make every shot because I’m not getting many of them. I don’t like to complain too much about not getting shots, but if you’re losing ballgames and struggling then I feel like I might have to go say something."

"Teams have done a good job of scouting us. Usually when Dwight Howard is posting up I’m at the top of the key or coming back to the top on pick and rolls and teams have been taking that away. So we’ve just got to find new ways to get our main guys the ball.They talk about wanting to get me going, but I mean, I’ve been trying. We’ve got guys coming off the bench getting more shots than me and then there’s nothing I can do. I feel like I’ve got to go eight for eight in order to have a good game right now."

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"On a brighter note, the bench has been a bright spot for Orlando.Some of the Magic’s starters are struggling, but the bench has provided plenty of points lately.“The guys we’re getting points from on a nightly basis now … Our bench guys are doing a good job,” coach Stan Van Gundy said.Check out these sizzling stats from the past three games from three key reserves:SF Mickael Pietrus (16-of-32, 41 points); PF Ryan Anderson (15-of-23, 36 points); PG Jason Williams (15-of-27, 33 points).Van Gundy played Pietrus, Williams and Anderson the entire fourth period in the victory against the Sacramento Kings on Tuesday night. They combined to score 20 of the team’s 33 points and shot 9-of-13."

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Dwight Howard is sick of getting burned by Chauncey Billups.

"Man, what’s up with Chauncey Billups always having to kill the Magic? With Chauncey, man we’re supposed to be a part of The Brotherhood with adidas and he should give the Magic a game or two every now and then. I don’t know what it is about CB, but that cat always plays really good against us. Hopefully, we’ll see those guys in The Finals and he’ll be off his game next time.People out West don’t wanna give them their props, but I see Denver as an elite team. I like the way they play. They give anybody matchup problems with their bigs and they really get the ball to ‘Melo and Chauncey. They are a tough team. I loved watching them play last season and I really thought we were going to see them in The Finals. Oh well, there’s always this year."

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