Young Magic star receives high praise from All-Star free agent

Which player age 25 and under would you pick to build a team around?
Orlando Magic v Cleveland Cavaliers - Game Seven
Orlando Magic v Cleveland Cavaliers - Game Seven / Jason Miller/GettyImages

The Orlando Magic are expected to be one of the more active teams this offseason. They have plenty of cap space, a talented young core, and a chance to build one of the better teams in the Eastern Conference for years to come. As a result, rumor has it that Orlando could be a possible landing spot for Paul George if he decides to leave the LA Clippers in free agency. 

The Magic are not the only team mentioned in this context, however. Philadelphia also has cap space available this summer and seems to be one All-Star away from potentially competing for a championship. The idea of playing with Joel Embiid and Tyrese Maxey has to be tempting. 

And yet, it was Orlando that kept coming up on the latest episode of Podcast P presented by Wave Sports+Entertainment. 

Paul George praised Paolo Banchero on Podcast P

When asked which player aged 25 and under—excluding Luka Doncic, Anthony Edwards, and Victor Wembanyama—he would choose to build a team around, George picked Magic star Paolo Banchero. 

"There's a lot of talent that's under 25, but I think who's shown that they're ready for that next jump, I think was a star...for sure Paolo [Banchero]," he said. 

Breaking down Banchero's game further, George added that the youngster was "a force" and needed to be surrounded by shooters to maximize his talent. That is nothing new, but the fact that an All-Star free agent like Paul George is thinking about Banchero's talent and the Magic's potential could hint at something much bigger. 

When discussing the most surprising teams of the season, George once again mentioned the Magic. He also added how much he loved watching young players realize their talent and start establishing themselves as future stars. 

Paul George is one of the biggest free agents on the market

Paul George is easily one of the biggest names likely to hit free agency this summer. His decision will be one of the biggest in free agency this year. If he stays with the Clippers, not too much will change. They have star power but are an aging team and can seemingly never stay healthy. 

If he leaves, power dynamics could shift notably, however. A team featuring a healthy Joel Embiid, Paul George, and Tyrese Maxey would immediately be considered a title contender. If he joined the Magic, they could quickly become one of the better teams in the East. 

We should know soon enough where George will play next season, but no matter how that pans out, it is nice to hear Banchero get his flowers.