Tristan da Silva’s top 4 performances at Colorado

Orlando rookie Tristan da Silva has some great games in college. Here are his top performances at Colorado
Colorado v Marquette
Colorado v Marquette / Mitchell Layton/GettyImages
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1. 3/22/2024 vs. Florida

During his Senior season, Tristan da Silva and the Colorado Buffs put on their dancing shoes and punched their tickets to the much-coveted NCAA Post Season Tournament field. Though they were one of the last four teams in, they managed to beat 10-seed Boise State in the Play-In Round to advance to a Round One game against the University of Florida.

In probably the biggest game and win of his collegiate career, da Silva shone again. In a 102-100 victory against the 7-seed Florida Gators, the high Basketball IQ Wing stuffed his stat line with 17 points, 4 rebounds, and 5 assistS.

While this is the first and only game on this list that da Silva didn’t score at least 20 points in, the level of competition and post-season factors make that understandable. And when you consider the fact it was his most versatile stat line paired with his most efficient shooting performance of the four, in some ways, it may be the most impressive. He was perfect from long range, making all three of his attempts and 7-10 from the field. He also had a couple of highlight dunks where he was able to put his athleticism on full display.

It's always interesting to look at how players performed in the biggest games of their careers. For da Silva, in a win-or-go-home situation, he absolutely delivered. He made the most with his at-bats, and as the 18th overall pick, that’s all Orlando is going to ask him to do. Anything else is house money and just a little extra magic.