Tristan da Silva’s top 4 performances at Colorado

Orlando rookie Tristan da Silva has some great games in college. Here are his top performances at Colorado
Colorado v Marquette
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3. 1/28/2023 at Oregon State

A few weeks after recording his career high in points, da Silva hit another milestone against the Oregon State Beavers, when he recorded his career high in rebounds during a 22-point, 15-rebound, and 2-assist outing.  

This double-double for da Silva did come in a 60-52 loss, but it is hard to not be impressed by him scoring almost half of his team’s total points and grabbing double-digit rebounds.

Da Silva was again efficient from the floor, shooting 4-8 from 3-point range and 9-21 total, but his showcase on the boards is where he really shined.

15 rebounds for a wing at any level is very impressive. But for a player most known for his shooting, this performance highlighted da Silva’s grit and motor. Bad shooting nights happen for even the best offensive weapons, but energy and effort always carry over. Since the Magic notoriously value positional versatility and length, there’s no doubt this game stood out on the Magics scouting department’s radar.

2. 3/3/2024 vs. Stanford

In March on Senior Night of his Senior season, da Silva recorded another double-double, flirting with his career highs in both points and rebounds.

In an 81-71 home win against Stanford, da Silva put up 27 points and 11 rebounds. Shooting 61% from the floor, including 5-10 from 3, he showed scouts everywhere he has the skill set to be an effective 3-and-D player in the NBA.

Additionally, another double-double performance, another 20+ point game, and another 50%+ shooting night from three and the floor prove that prior similar performances were no fluke. In college, it’s not uncommon for non-stars to have great performances here and there. It is the fact that da Silva stocked up high efficiency and stat-sheet-filled games on a regular basis that impressed NBA scouts and added validity to why Orlando drafted him.