Paul George is the answer to the Orlando Magic’s biggest question

The Magic are coming off a success of a season although a rough ending to lose a playoff series in 7 games. Now the attention turns to the offseason and how the Magic can improve. There are various avenues Orlando can take, but considering the needs and the weaknesses the Magic have, Paul George is the clear answer.
Dallas Mavericks v Los Angeles Clippers - Game Two
Dallas Mavericks v Los Angeles Clippers - Game Two / Harry How/GettyImages

The Magic have their number one option in Paolo Banchero, who averaged 22.6 points, 6.9 rebounds, and 5.4 assists per game and was able to up his scoring and rebounding during the playoffs to 27 points and 8.6 rebounds respectively. All of that is to say that the Magic have their star.

The Magic also have a strong second up-and-coming star in Franz Wagner, who had a career year across the board with the exception of shooting. Jalen Suggs has also made strides offensively while maintaining his defensive prowess.

The Magic maintained an elite defense all year but found their shortcomings on the offensive end. Orlando finds themselves in need of another offensive creator who can shoot to relieve the pressure off of Wagner and Banchero.

Then the question becomes how do the Magic add to their core to work on their weaknesses.

Paul George would be a perfect fit in Orlando

The simple answer is Paul George. George is the perfect answer in both the short and long term. Before even thinking about what George can do on the court, the leadership and mentorship off an All-NBA level player can provide to Orlando's young stars need to be noted,

On the court this last season, George averaged 22.6 points on 47.1 percent from the field and 41.3 percent from beyond the arc. Not only can George shoot from the perimeter, but he is also more than capable of creating his own shot when needed. This will keep the Magic's offense unpredictable and release the pressure in the Magic's starting line-up.

There is a concern among fans that George will take the ball out of the Magic duo’s hands, but it's important to note that Paul George was more than willing to take a back seat to Kawhi Leonard in Los Angeles. That duo has produced success in stretches but has unfortunately not seen ultimate success due to injuries plaguing the Clippers.

The Magic are not looking for a number one option but rather a complementary piece. Paul George has shown the ability and willingness to play off of other stars, so why not the Magic's young stars?

Plus while George would help tremendously on the offensive end already, he is also a strong defender in his own right and should fit the Magic's defensive DNA. Paul George had a 114.3 defensive rating, while Gary Harris had a 113.9 rating for comparison.

All this contributes in the short term. In the long term, the Magic really don't need to give up assets because George is a free agent. Plus this also allows the Magic to bring Anthony Black and Jett Howard along slowly and allow them to learn under Paul George.

The effect Joe Ingles had on the Magic beyond the stat sheet is undeniable, but a player of George's caliber cannot be denied. His presence would help the Magic in the 2024-2025 season and beyond.

Signing George would also line up with the Magic's free agent history. Signing Horace Grant took the Shaq and Penny teams to the next level, and Rashard Lewis took the Dwight teams to the next level. There should be a belief that George could present the same effect on this young team.

One thing is for certain, the Magic are on the clock. Financial flexibility does not last forever, and extensions for Franz Wagner and Jalen Suggs are coming up soon. The Magic have the cap space and need to continue to improve the teams as the core grows. There is no doubt the Magic will add to the roster. The question is rather who they will add. As it stands, Paul George checks off all the boxes and should be Orlando's number-one priority this offseason.