5 Most likely Orlando Magic to be traded away this summer

These Orlando Magic players may not be on the roster to start the 2025 season.
Orlando Magic, Cole Anthony
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2. Wendell Carter

The Orlando Magic will need to trade salary to get a significant upgrade in return.

Jonathan Isaac is the highest-paid player on their books for next season, but his $17.4 million is non-guaranteed. His limited availability dampens his trade value. He is still a plus defender and on an expiring contract, but no team will be eager to trade for him.

Wendell Carter has been a starter for the majority of his career. He averaged 11.0 points, 6.9 rebounds and 1.7 assists per game in 25.6 minutes per game last season. His playing time and production dipped as the Magic had other options to use at the five. Carter is only 25 years old and still improving. There will be interest from any team that needs a center.

He is set to make $11.9 million in the 2025 campaign, but it drops to $10.8 million before he becomes an unrestricted free agent in 2026. It is an affordable deal for a starting big man that improves his trade value.

Carter could help the Magic land a marquee ball-handler, but they would have a hole at the 5.

The Orlando Magic would prefer to trade another mid-sized contract, but it may take both to make the math work. Expect this guard to pop up in trade rumors. But he likely only gets moved if the franchise finds an upgrade.