Orlando Magic Daily 2024 NBA Mock Draft 2.0: Opportunity abounds, success is narrow

The Orlando Magic are readying for the NBA Draft and hoping to add talent to the roster. That will not be as easy with the No. 18 pick in the draft this time around. How might things play out and where might the Magic strike? It is time for one final run through the mock draft.
Nikola Topic was once considered one of the top prospects in the Draft. A torn ACL could have him drop and become a big option for the Orlando Magic.
Nikola Topic was once considered one of the top prospects in the Draft. A torn ACL could have him drop and become a big option for the Orlando Magic. / Anadolu/GettyImages
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In range for the Orlando Magic

6-7, 197 lbs. Ron Holland. 13. 84. Sacramento Kings No. 13 Mock Draft 06.25.24. . Ron Holland. Scouting Report. G-League Ignite. player

The last year of the G-League Ignite experiment did not go as planned. But it was still a talented bunch. And Ron Holland may end up being the most talented and best player of the bunch.

Holland is the typical wing scorer. He can create and finish around the basket pretty well. He just has to refine his decisionmaking and his game outside of his scoring and going downhill. With the Kings likely looking to make some changes, he could be another high-level scorer to add to their already potent offense.

Chances for a Magic Trade: Not At This Time

Everyone suspects the Sacramento Kings are not done dealing with Harrison Barnes as a potential player on the move. The Kings know they need to make some major steps after falling short last year. The Magic are not a team looking for a player like Barnes.

Ron Holland too is not a player the Magic should target. They need some extra scoring, but his poor decisionmaking and spotty shooting is not what the Magic are looking for.

. Indiana. player. 34. Kel'el Ware. 14. 6-11, 210 lbs. Kel'el Ware. Blazers No. 14 Mock Draft 06.25.24.

The Portland Trail Blazers at some point are going to move off of their two centers. They are going to focus on their young players at some point and build a new team -- that is hopefully under the tax.

Kel'el Ware is an interesting prospect. He is an excellent scorer around the basket and rebounder. He can protect the rim a little bit. The questions for him come from his motor and activity. That was a struggle for him in his freshman year at Oregon and dissipated at Indiana.

Miami Heat No. 15 Mock Draft. . 15. 6-4, 198 lbs. Baylor. Ja'Kobe Walter. 110. . Ja'Kobe Walter. player

The Miami Heat know the kind of players they like. They want tough-minded players who will defend and be versatile. They need players who will fill mulitple roles.

That is where Ja'Kobe Walter fits in. He is the best 3-and-D player in this draft. While he is a bit undersized for a two, eh will compete on that end -- a requirement in Scott Drew's system at Baylor. Walter's size may prevent him from being a great attacker. But he will go to a team that has established scorers, that should help him refine his role.

Chances for a Magic Trade: Rivals don't talk, but maybe they should

The Miami Heat seem open for business after a second straight year as the 8-seed. Jimmy Butler might even be on the table. For a Heat team looking to cut some payroll, there is the chance to make something happen.

The Orlando Magic may not be able to trade up to this spot -- and ensure they get their guy. But it would not be so surprising to think the Magic could get in on Tyler Herro if he became available. Herro's salary would be scary, and likely eat into the Magic's cap room, but there is some structure there to make a deal.