Orlando Magic Daily 2024 NBA Mock Draft 2.0: Opportunity abounds, success is narrow

The Orlando Magic are readying for the NBA Draft and hoping to add talent to the roster. That will not be as easy with the No. 18 pick in the draft this time around. How might things play out and where might the Magic strike? It is time for one final run through the mock draft.
Nikola Topic was once considered one of the top prospects in the Draft. A torn ACL could have him drop and become a big option for the Orlando Magic.
Nikola Topic was once considered one of the top prospects in the Draft. A torn ACL could have him drop and become a big option for the Orlando Magic. / Anadolu/GettyImages
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Teams in Transition

San Antonio Spurs Mock Draft No. 4 06.25.24. . player. Scouting Report. Reed Sheppard. 29. 6-2, 182 lbs. Kentucky. Reed Sheppard. 4

The task for the San Antonio Spurs should be a simple one: Find all the shooters they can to surround Victor Wembanyama. They may be in the same market for a veteran stabilizer at point guard (they would be a good spot for Tyus Jones). And so finding shooting will go a long way.

I will admit, that I do not love the fit of Reed Sheppard here. But he is far and away the best shooter at this spot without overlapping some of the other young players. And he is such a dynamic movement shooter that he would boost the Spurs almost immediately.

Chances for a Magic Trade: Maybe they find a shooter here

If the San Antonio Spurs draft a shooter like Reed Sheppard here, maybe that opens the door to a deal. Perhaps the Orlando Magic would have some interest in Devin Vassell, even though he is starting a major five-year, $135 million contract extension.

Detroit Pistons No. 5 Mock Draft 06.25.24. Scouting Report. Matas Buzelis. player. 5. 64. . 6-9, 197 lbs. G-League Ignite. Matas Buzelis

The Detroit Pistons are seemingly still refining what they want to be. Cade Cunningham is their clear centerpiece but nothing else has developed. And the new direction with a new front office has yet to crystallize. This will be their first big decision.

There is still something to salvage from the Pistons' hodgepodge of players if they can get clear coaching direction (they do not have that coach yet). I still like Jalen Duren as their long-term center option. So they should go with a scoring runningmate alongside Cade Cunningham and the defense from Ausar Thompson.

Matas Buzelis is a versatile wing with good scoring instincts. He still needs to improve his strength (as all rookies do). But exiting the chaos of this year's G-League Ignite for some organization with Cunningham will help and hopefully bring forward his versatility and talent.

Chances for a Magic Trade: Watch the centers

I have UConn big man Donovan Clingan pretty low in this mock draft (see below). If the Detroit Pistons opt to bring in the UConn big man, that means it might be free reign for their big men. There have been a few people pondering if Isaiah Stewart would be a good fit for the Orlando Magic (he would not). But if Jalen Duren somehow became available, there should be a big market for a center who is a solid rim protector and excellent on the offensive glass.

. Donovan Clingan. Charlotte Hornets No. 6 Mock Draft 06.25.24. 6. 170. player. 7-2, 282 lbs. UConn. Donovan Clingan. Scouting Report

This should be considered Donovan Clingan's floor in the Draft (even with the Charlotte Hornets holding Mark Williams among their never-ending quest to draft a center). Donovan Clingan is an excellent defender and paint presence even if he is not the typical flying-all-over-the-place rim protector.

Donovan Clingan may project more like a traditional center, but teams saw how valuable that could be in the Playoffs with Derreck Lively. Especially running pick and rolls with LaMelo Ball, all Donovan Clingan would have to do is set solid screens and roll hard to the basket. He can do that and more.

Chances for a Magic Trade: Not likely

There is not much on the Charlotte Hornets' roster that fits what the Magic want. And most of the trades I would pitch in this range are fallouts from selections more than trying to trade up to get a pick or specific player.