Orlando Magic Daily 2024 NBA Mock Draft 1.0: What's there to pick?

The Orlando Magic are in a new position as a team outside the lottery. With so many things on the table for them this offseason, where does that leave them for the Draft? It is time to make our first run through the Draft order.
Tristan Da Silva is a favored target for the Orlando Magic at No. 18. But that could also mean he is gone by the time the Magic pick.
Tristan Da Silva is a favored target for the Orlando Magic at No. 18. But that could also mean he is gone by the time the Magic pick. / Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports
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Scouting Report. PG. Isaiah Collier. 19. Raptors No. 19 Mock Draft 06.03.24. USC. Isaiah Collier. player. 81.

Looking at Isaiah Collier's numbers, he seems like he should be among the top guards available in this draft. Listed at 6-foot-5, he averaged 16.3 points per game and 4.3 assists per game at USC. That has the makings of the kind of big guards the league has looked for seemingly forever.

Collier though has seemingly been unimpressive everywhere else. It seems like he just puts up numbers. But there is something missing there.

Collier measured at 6-foot-2.5 without shoes (far shorter than his listed height above) and a 6-foot-4.75 wingspan. That should take him off the Magic's list in all likelihood.

So too would his 33.8 percent 3-point shooting and 67.3 percent shooting from the foul line. Collier has a long way to go with his shooting.

Collier though can still put up points. And maybe that is all that matters. He has good size for a point guard and can get downhill to the basket. He has star potential if he can overcome the size concerns and find some shooting.

The Toronto Raptors are a team that can take this risk. They need a point guard to play behind Immanuel Quickley. And they like supersized players too.

Johnny Furphy. 156. . SF. Johnny Furphy. Cavs No. 20 Mock Draft 06.03.24. player. . Kansas. 20

Johnny Furphy was the latest selection for the Orlando Magic in the ESPN Mock Draft. And he checks a lot of the boxes for the Magic.

The 6-foot-9 forward had an up-and-down freshman year at Kansas. On one hand, he showed a ton of athleticism and smarts with his ability to cut and get to the basket. On the other, he struggled to shoot at times.

He had some really good moments, and then struggled at the end of the season as he dealt with an injury.

Furphy is all potential right now. It is hard to know what to make of him.

He averaged 9.0 points per game and shot 35.2 percent from three. He made 76.5 percent from the foul line. Getting his shooting going will be the key to his success.

The Cleveland Cavaliers are still looking for some perimeter size and Furphy would be a good grab.